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If you are running a digital business, it is important that you keep your content, your sales funnels, and your clients safe. Unfortunately, hackers are usually a few steps ahead of software developers, and it is important that you pay attention not only the price of your site and hosting, but also the safety features that will keep your virtual shop window generate a steady income. Below you will find a few tips on what to check.


If you are trying to get visitors for free, chances are that you have one or more SEO software installed. The good news is that these tools can be useful when you are trying to determine what your potential clients are looking for and what the most popular content is, but some of them will collect information about your users and your site, and you might not even know about this. Make sure that you read the user guide and documentation before you install any software.

Security Upgrades

In case you are blogging remotely through an app or even Google Docs, you might not log in to the site and update your software on time. Some of the updates are there for improving your site’s security, while others will just improve the user experience. However, before every major upgrade, you should create a backup of your files, or you might face disruption when your site crashes.


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In case you are selling physical products or services online, you will need to ensure that all the information sent through your site is secure and encrypted. You will need to have an SSL certificate for eCommerce sites, and ensure that your subscription is renewed automatically. Your clients will look for the “https” before they hit the buy button/


Next, you will have to check how safe the server where your site is hosted is. You might need to add further security software and create a scan for your site content to avoid having a problem in the future. If you are not confident that you will find the issue yourself, you can get in touch with Matrium Technologies network security services and get a professional assessment and identify your main risks.

Member Accounts

If you have implemented membership options in your digital marketing sales funnels, you will need to encrypt your clients’ details and personal information. Do you remember the scandals large companies had to face when their user data got compromised by hackers? Avoid having the same problems and always use a safe membership program that will help you maintain your reputation. Membership sites can be profitable, but if your users are not feeling safe or are facing technical issues, your retention rate will suffer.

Making your website work smoothly and keeping your customers and visitors safe is your responsibility as a business owner. Pay attention to the above areas, and you will keep your business assets safe from malicious attacks and prevent your site from crashing.

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