Robyn Bennett Tech Expert and Online Business Strategist


Hi, I’m Robyn. I help make tech, strategy, and marketing simple for businesses that want to grow. I’m a certified business strategist, and my job is to create strategies that work specifically for your business.

If tech problems, growth questions, or marketing puzzles are slowing you down, I’m here to help sort them out.

  • Tech troubles? I’ll simplify them.
  • Ready to grow your business? I’ll help you plan.
  • Marketing not working? We’ll figure out a strategy that does.

I’ve been doing this for over ten years, helping businesses find clear paths to success.

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Bridging Tech, Business, and Marketing: Your All-in-One Digital Strategist

Feeling overwhelmed by digital tasks from conception to launch? Automating, expanding, and every step in between can be overwhelming and might require specialized knowledge.

It’s not just about tackling tech; it’s about optimizing your time and energy. With me by your side, as your tech and strategy guide, your journey is smoother, enabling you to focus on what you excel in.

Hi there, I'm Robyn

Hi there, I'm Robyn

Your Tech, Business, and Marketing Strategist with over a decade of experience turning digital dreams into reality. As a Funnel Builder, Launch Strategist, and Virtual Summit Expert, I have coordinated 350+ virtual summits and spearheaded hundreds of launches, courses, and product releases for clients.

Certified by Kartra in both Technical Expertise and Business Strategy, my proficiency extends across platforms like GoHighLevel, Kajabi, and more. My approach is not just about technology—it is an intricate blend of deep strategic planning, automation, and technical savvy, with the goal of always delivering results while cultivating genuine client relationships.

The digital world is vast and complex, but with my guidance, clients find clarity. I simplify technology, create efficient systems, design compelling marketing strategies, and pave the way for online success.


As part of my commitment to continuous professional development, I have successfully completed the following certifications:

certified business strategist with Lisa Johnson Academy that Strategy Co
certified business strategist with Lisa Johnson Academy that Strategy Co
certified business strategist with Lisa Johnson Academy that Strategy Co
certified business strategist with Lisa Johnson Academy that Strategy Co
certified business strategist with Lisa Johnson Academy that Strategy Co
certified business strategist with Lisa Johnson Academy that Strategy Co

Why Partner with Me on Your Digital Journey?

The digital world is vast, and navigating it requires more than just skills—it demands experience, foresight, and a strategic mindset. Here’s what sets me apart:

Deep Tech Expertise: I’ve delved deep into the intricacies of technology, understanding its nuances to provide you with solutions tailored for your business needs.

Strategic Insight: More than mere tech know-how, I grasp the business strategy essential for digital success. This dual understanding ensures that your tech choices align with your business goals.

Marketing Mastery: Equipped with years of marketing insight, I not only set up your tech but design strategies that amplify your brand’s presence and drive results.

Personalized Approach: Every business is unique. I don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, I work closely with you to craft a strategy that fits your vision and aspirations.

Commitment to Your Success: Your growth is my success. I invest time in understanding your vision, ensuring every digital move propels you closer to your goals.

You’re not just hiring a tech expert; you’re gaining a dedicated partner in your digital journey.

What I do…

Take a look at how I can help your business thrive online.

Launch with Robyn

Every project, from conception to launch, demands more than vision—it requires a perfect blend of strategy and tech. Be it a product launch, a new digital strategy, or system setups, I’m your guide.


Whether it’s your inaugural summit or your fifth, meticulous planning is key. As your summit manager, I prioritize a smooth and effective execution for each event.


As a certified Kartra Business Consultant and Technical Expert, I’m poised to offer comprehensive support for your online ventures. From setup to strategy, I’ve got your Kartra needs covered.


Say goodbye to tech overwhelm and hello to streamlined success. My Tech Queen VIP Day is your express ticket to conquer tech challenges, boost efficiency, and focus on what truly matters. Book your VIP Day today!

Happy Clients

“Robyn is a rockstar! She was able to work quickly and efficiently, helping us with migration of data, zaps, and other techy type automations. She was a vital part of our recent migration of our 3500 students and thousands of transactions. It’s a no brainer to work with Robyn. I highly recommend her!” – Julie

Julie Chenell

Digital Marketing Expert and Coach, Create Your Laptop Life / Funnel Gorgeous

Robyn was a fantastic support in my time of desperation! I was close to tears because I had been going crazy with the same problem for about 3 days in trying to get my Kartra membership site ready for launch! I spoke to Robyn and within 10 minutes she was logged onto my laptop and had fixed the issue with no fuss! She also went that step further by telling me about things to look out for and to avoid doing in the future. Such a friendly support when I was at my wits end!

Jamie Tavares

Coach, Connector and Solicitor, Hustle & Heels

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