Mastering The Issue Of Productivity

Mastering The Issue Of Productivity

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In any startup, there is always going to be the very important issue of ensuring that the necessary work gets done, and that it gets done as easily and smoothly as possible. If this is your first business, you might well find yourself a little at a loss as to how you can ensure that you are going to be able to keep productivity high, and the truth is that many employers and business owners in your position know that feeling all too well. However, it is going to be essential that you try to find a way to master the issue of productivity, and in this article, we are going to try and make this a little simpler for you. As long as you consider the following, you should find that you are able to much more effectively master productivity in your business, and so hope for the brighter future your startup deserves.

Valuing Employees
One of the most essential things that you will want to look into here is making sure that you are actively making a point of valuing your employees. As long as your employees feel valued, they are going to find it much easier, and a much more natural thing, to be able to do the work they need to do when they need to do it. This is because they will understand much more effectively and deeply what it is that they are doing, and why they are doing it. It is therefore hugely powerful to take some time aside to speak to each employee directly, one-on-one, and ensure that they are well versed on why their job is important and what they are doing in the grand scheme of things.

When your employees understand in this way where they stand within the whole framework, you will absolutely find that their productivity goes through the roof. It is a lack of this feeling that mostly produces lack of work, and this is one of the major things that you should focus on if you are keen to try and increase and improve productivity in your workplace. You will also find that actively going out of your way to value your employees more openly will result in a happier, easier workplace and that everyone is going to be considerably more satisfied as a result.

Strong Policies
In a sense, you do need to make sure that you are policing the work that goes on in the office, although you of course don’t want to go too far with this either. However, you can strike a balance and make it clear to your employees that you need them to behave in a certain way, which will in turn mean that productivity is going to always be on the up. The best way to make sure that you are doing this properly is to look into developing some clear and strong policies which your employees need to follow. Having policies will mean that you are clear on what you expect in the workplace, and that level of strictness is often exactly what is needed for a much better way of promoting productivity.

There are plenty of types of policies you might want to adopt, many of them relating directly to ensuring that you are getting the most out of your employees that you can. Having a strong mobile phone policy such as that found at this link will ensure that your employees are not distracted by those devices too much, as will developing a policy around break times. The more that you have these in place, that you make sure you are going to enforce them and train your staff on them, the more likely it is that your employees will be as productive as you would hope, and that is certainly something to think about.

The Power Of Deadlines
Most people find that they work harder and more effectively when they have a deadline in place, and for the majority it also produces much stronger work too. You should consider making full use of this in your business to ensure that your employees are fully aware of when their deadlines are and what they need to do by when in order to achieve them. However, you should not consider deadlines to be the be all and end all. Instead, it is a good idea to focus on them as a means of encouragement, rather than possible punishment. You should make sure that any deadlines you give are entirely fair and that they are not expecting too much, and that you can allow some flexibility. That will mean, for instance, that you need to give longer deadlines for work, which is going to obviously take longer, rather than having a single, top-down deadline which everyone needs to work to. In any case, having deadlines and being fairly strong on them will ensure that your employees get much more work done, and that will benefit your business hugely in a number of ways.

A good manager knows that it is important and wise to delegate, so you should make sure that you are doing this as much as you can too if you want the productivity to really be as high as possible. With good delegation, you can be sure that the work is going to get done, but you need to make sure that you know who to delegate what work to, and that you are not merely giving it out willy-nilly. If you can be sure of that, you will find that delegating is much more effective, both easing your own workload and also ensuring that the office as a whole is going to be much more productive. Bear in mind too that people will resent it if you give them too much work to do or that which is too above their pay grade, so you need to exercise caution here. But if you make a point of prioritizing and promoting those who take on this work regularly, then there is a decent incentive here which will only further improve the rate of production in the office. As you can see, delegating your work can indeed be a very powerful thing that you might want to consider doing.

Tools & Equipment
Any job needs specific tools, and the more aware you are of the kinds of tools and equipment your teams and individuals need, the more likely it is that you can help them to do their work as effectively as possible. Finding the right tools and equipment is something which can take a long time, and which you need to think about in order to make sure that you are getting it right, but it is a vital thing which you will want to make sure you are putting a lot of effort into for that very reason. When your employees have all the tools they need, their work will flow much more easily, and you will be able to ensure that your productivity is certainly being looked after well for that reason alone. Make sure you listen to them, as they might know better than you what kind of equipment they need, and you will want to make sure that you give them what they really do need. Do that, and your business will be very thankful on the whole for being provided for in that essential way.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you might want to consider in order to master productivity in your business, and as long as you have thought of these you will find that it is much easier to do just that.

How To Keep Your Business Safe Online 100%

How To Keep Your Business Safe Online 100%

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As more businesses grow an online presence, the security risks for any business can increase. Hackers and scammers are becoming more skillful in their abilities to infiltrate and so it’s important to remember the tips that can keep your business safe. Here’s how to keep your business safe online.

Have A Security Policy In Place

A policy is something that can be really useful to distribute to current staff and for new staff to become aware of when joining the organization. This should include some of the following; proper usage of computers and devices, requirement of strong passwords and consequences if the policy isn’t followed correctly. Regardless of how small or big, the company is, size is irrelevant and your business should have this policy or statement in place already as mentioned in this infographic, 10 elements of cybersecurity for businesses.

Protect With Passwords
As part of your policy, all applications or confidential documents must be password protected. They should be strong in terms of complexity and ideally all different. This is handy if any of these applications are hacked, at least it’s likely to be just the one occurrence if all the passwords are different. It is difficult to keep track of all the passwords, but it is beneficial in order to strengthen the security of the business as a whole. At least if you forget the password, you can simply reset it. The less vulnerable areas you leave available, the better.

Train Staff To Be Cautious
Your staff should be trained to proceed with caution when it comes to browsing the web and opening suspicious emails. They can prove to be a potential risk to the company’s security as they are accessing the internet on a daily basis. So, bring in some regular training sessions to keep your staff well informed of what to look out for, especially as hackers’ approaches seem to change fairly frequently.

Strengthen Your Security
As much as you can do internally, you should be working in the background to strengthen your overall security. That includes having the right anti-ware installed onto your systems so that your files are protected. You should also be keeping tabs on how to improve the security and strengthen it on a regular basis, making sure you have the latest updates or version of your anti-ware software.

Be Careful When It Comes To Social Media
Social media is a powerful thing but if not used wisely, it can end up leaving your business in a vulnerable situation. Make sure you are aware as to who in the company is running the social media on behalf of the company and monitoring the content that’s going out, making sure it all gets approved by a second pair of eyes. Provide some guidelines about what can and can’t be said and if something you are posting has a risk of facing backlash, it might be best to approach it another way.

The security of your online usage should be considered a top priority and it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the changes in security and navigating the online world safely.

3 Simple Tactics to Revitalize Your Email Marketing

3 Simple Tactics to Revitalize Your Email Marketing

Contributed post by: Corina Leslie

If your email marketing isn’t returning the results you’re expecting, fret not: there are always new tactics you can implement in your strategy to turn things around. Whether your list needs a good cleaning, or your copy and design could use a boost, you have all the tools you need to get your emails opened and increase your conversions. Let’s take a look at three essential techniques you can make the most of – starting today!

Take a closer look at your copy

Start with your subject line: is it compelling? Does it make you want to click? A useful habit is to write down several versions of your email subject line before you decide on the best one. If you’re still unsure, ask a few friends and colleagues to give you their feedback. Also, consider running some split tests to see what style, tone, and length works best with your subscribers.

Once you’ve found a winning formula, take a closer look at your email body. Step out of your marketer head for a second and ask yourself how you’d feel if you received your email. Would you find it useful, educational, and entertaining? If given the opportunity, what could you improve about it? Be your own editor and cut out everything that doesn’t serve your purpose, which is to help, inform, and entertain your audience.

Final step: how do your call-to-actions sound like? Are you using all the classic formulas, such as “buy now” or “click here”? How about changing things up a bit? Use your creativity to come up with different ways to invite your readers to take a specific action. However, make sure your CTAs clearly convey your message and don’t generate any confusions.

When was the last time you used an email verifier?

One of the best habits you can develop, as an email marketer, is to keep a constant eye on your reports. Your Email Service Provider (ESP) should display the metrics of each campaign, so you can get a clear idea on how they’re performing. Do you look at your open and click-through rates? Good. How about your bounces? If they are anything above 2%, your list may be in need of a cleaning.

Invalid and fake email addresses not only skew up your reports – of course your open rate is not accurate if, let’s say, 20% of your leads are dead ends. But also, they affect your sender reputation, which has a crucial impact on how many of your emails actually reach the inbox. That’s why email verification has become vital to marketers, who are always looking to boost their campaigns’ ROI.

The most effective way to improve your email hygiene is by using a good email verifier. It removes invalid, fake, abandoned, or temporary addresses, thus helping you reach actual people instead of bots and useless contacts. Also, most email verifiers find and eliminate abuse emails – these belong to known email complainers who may label your messages as spam. Spam traps are difficult to detect, but an advanced email verifier will be able to weed them out at least partially.

If you want to prevent risky email addresses from joining your list, stop them in their tracks by deploying an email verifier API on your platform. The API won’t allow misspelled and other types of bad email addresses to sign up for your emails.

Email your list more often

You don’t have to turn into an emailing machine, because this tactic will backfire and you’ll start to see an increasing number of subscribers waving you goodbye. But people actually love hearing from you. A recent email marketing study shows that 47% of consumers prefer email to communicate with a brand. However, it’s a known fact that the number one reason people unsubscribe is because they receive too many marketing emails.

The key is to find your sweet spot. If you email your list once a month, try sending out your newsletters every other week. Look at your reports and see if that’s a strategy you want to stick with. Then, some of your subscribers may want to hear from you every week. Create a separate sequence for them and ask them to opt in.

In email marketing, what matters most is email hygiene and getting to know your audience well enough to predict what they need and want. Always put their interests above yours, strive to send them useful content, be consistent in your efforts, and you’ll reap the benefits.

A former journalist, Corina Leslie is the PR & Marketing Manager for email verifier ZeroBounce. She is passionate about communication and helping others email successfully. You can find her on the ZeroBounce blog, where she shares her best tips on digital marketing, copywriting, PR and everything in between.

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Top Things that You need to Think about when Choosing a Company Car

Top Things that You need to Think about when Choosing a Company Car

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Choosing a company car doesn’t have to be a difficult and daunting process. In fact, when you have the right research, you will soon find that the whole process is easier than ever.

Always try and Buy Smart

We now live in a world full of economic pressures. Everyone is trying to go green and this should certainly be taken into consideration when you buy your very first company vehicle. If you are going on a long journey then you will be glad when you don’t have to fill up as often, and you may even find that you use way less fuel than expected too.

Choosing the Right Specs

Buying a new company vehicle can be frustrating because there are so many things that you need to take into consideration. This can include the gadgets that come with the car and even its general performance. Either way, the first thing that you need to do is work out which features are important to you. This could include a GPS, a parking sensor or even an electric sunroof. Specs like this can go a long way when it comes to the overall comfort of your team, and the car that you choose will say a lot about your business too.


Don’t Forget to Think Ahead

Some companies will let you buy whatever car you choose outright after a couple of years. If this is the case, then you really do need to think about the future. Will a small car be appropriate if you are going to use it for your own use? Are you going to expand your business any time soon? What about travelling to company events? If you are going to need several big vehicles because your company and your team travel a lot, then it is always a good idea for you to look into a bus for sale.


When choosing your company car, insurance should always be a consideration. Flashy cars are generally way more expensive to insure when compared to cheaper models. For this reason, try and avoid going for anything too sporty. It’s also a good idea that you try and research the cost of insuring a vehicle before you go out and buy it. Bigger cars or vehicles will be more costly to insure when compared to smaller cars, but that being said, they can transport less people. If you are going to be driving long distances with your entire team, it may actually be cheaper for you to get one larger vehicle instead of several smaller cars.


Finding out what budget you have is always advantageous. You need to be honest with yourself and you also need to take into account the financial health of your business. Remember that company cars are investments, and this is especially the case if you use them for branding purposes. Every time you take your car out on the road, you will be telling the world who you are, and this is a fantastic way for you to make your company car much more worthwhile.

Utilise the Internet

Buying a car or company vehicle online is great. It gives you so many more options and it also makes it easier for you to find a model that suits your requirements. You do however have to make sure that you don’t buy the car without looking at it first. If you don’t then there could be damages that you don’t know about or you may even find that the car is not in good condition. If you have completed the transaction, then the car is legally yours and this could cause issues for you in the future. A good rule is to treat your company car in the same way as you would your own car. If you think that something is a bad investment then walk away, even if it means delaying your purchase. After all, your business finances are just as important as your personal finances and the sooner you understand this, the better your financial health will be.

So, there are many things that you need to think about when the time does come for you to choose your company car, but by taking the above into consideration, you can be sure to choose one that is not only suitable for your needs, but also affordable as well. It’s also worth talking to your car dealer to see if they can advise you on the car you need and the specifications that you should be looking at.

Launch Your Business in the Right Way For Success

Launch Your Business in the Right Way For Success

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If you have a business idea then it can be hard to get it from business idea to a real launch. You might have the best business idea in the world, but if you don’t know how to get it launches and off in the right way, then a lot of mistakes can happen. When you launch, you’ll want it to be as seamless as possible, so that it can launch with a bang and get the business off the ground. Mistakes along the way can prove to be very expensive later on, so launching in the right way is so important. So here are some tips to help you to launch your business, skip the pitfalls and start off on the best foot possible.

Know Your Why

When it comes to business, it is really important to know and realize why you are doing what you are doing. Is it because you have a great product to share with the world? Or do you have something that can make life easier for many, and it helps to solve certain problems? Is it purely for financial reward? So think about what you are doing and why. Why are you planning to do things in a certain way? Think deeply and then own it.

Start Building a Community

If you are waiting for customers to come through the door, whether physical or digital, before you start making the business work, then you will have to start hard selling to them. So what you need to start doing is curating a community as soon as you can; today. Then you will have an audience for when you do launch, and people will have built up a relationship with you and know and trust what you are doing. These potential customers will help to teach you things along the way, and help you get the marketing for your product right, first time around.

Launching in a Professional Way

When it comes to launching your business, then it is such a good idea to make sure that you launch in a professional way. As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And if you want to be taken seriously, then it is so important to launch in the right way. It could be from using a site like to get a business virtual address, to using a site like for help with getting a professional domain name for your website.

Start Testing & Get Feedback

When you have a product to launch, you are likely to have had plenty of contact with plenty of people as you get the business off the ground. But make sure that you are testing the waters and getting the feedback that you need. From marketing and research panels to getting your website launched, even with ‘coming soon’ pages, as it could help you to get early subscribers, for example. When you’re able to get things like a subscriber list started, then it can make a big difference.

How to Set Up an Online Business

How to Set Up an Online Business

***Contributed Post***   In this new digital era, setting up an online business is becoming more and more tempting. The overheads are minimal and there is a multitude of software that makes running a business uber-easy. But before you take the plunge, there are a few important things to consider…
Find Your Niche Just like with any business, you are going to need a unique selling point which sets you apart from your competitors. You need this to be able to create enticing marketing materials and to be able to upsell your company to the people you meet.
Write Great Copy When it comes to online businesses, content is king. Unlike businesses with physical premises which allow the customer to see and feel the product which can therefore sell itself, with online companies the product is virtual in the eyes of the customer. The content on your website needs to do all the talking. It needs to be able to create a genuine image of the product that customers can believe in, and it needs to sell the product to them. This is particularly important if you’re selling a service.
Website Your website is going to be the face of your company, so don’t let it create any barriers for you. Make it ultra-easy to navigate with clear content that doesn’t leave the customer guessing. It also needs to be visually appealing and set a professional, high-quality tone.
SEO Make the most of the tools available to you as an online company. Use Search engines to optimize traffic to your site by becoming as close to the top of the list of search results for your sector, as you can.
Reputation Just like with any business, reputation is crucial. Build an online presence on related forums and sites so that people can start to associate you with your niche. Build links between your website and others to boost credibility and encourage online reviews that could lead others to your website.
Communicate with Your Customers When your customers get in touch with you, it is important to respond to them. You need to build relationships with your customers so that they can recommend you to others and so that you really stick in their minds. A helpful company is something that is really appreciated by the consumer. It also helps your company to appear more authentic and personable which is particularly important for online companies.
Cybersecurity Check out a company like FWI to help you when it comes to your cybersecurity. Having your business online makes you vulnerable to cybersecurity threats which have the potential to steal data, lock you out of, or destroy your own website.
Online businesses are a great way to make money if you have a unique selling point that can stand the test of time. However, it is important to make sure your website is top-notch with excellent copy, that you’re making the most of online marketing tools, actively building a good reputation, communicating with your customers, and that you have invested in some cybersecurity. For more online business advice visit .