How to Get Your Webinar Funnel Topic in 3 Easy Ways

How to Get Your Webinar Funnel Topic in 3 Easy Ways

So, you’ve realized you need to implement a funnel and you’ve decided you want to host a webinar funnel. You’re excited. You’re eager to get working. You have programs in place and an idea of what you’ll use as an incentive. When it comes to narrowing down what you want to talk about however… you are stuck.

You’re definitely not alone, this is pretty common.

Maybe there’s so much you could talk about. There are so many helpful things you could cover to provide valuable content for your list. Narrowing down your options into a coherent, cohesive presentation sounds impossible, even intimidating.

Or maybe you have the opposite problem. You can’t come up with anything to share about for a whole webinar.


Without a clear topic and goal in mind for your webinar funnel, you’ll be unable to get the conversions you want. You won’t see the audience you’re hoping for since your message won’t be clearly translatable and people’s curiosity won’t be piqued.

If your message is unclear, then your audience won’t understand what you’re offering. Identifying a clear topic for your webinar funnel is crucial to the success of your campaign. If you need help identifying your topic or getting your creative juices flowing, consider these 3 tips for determining your webinar funnel topic.

3 Tips For Determining Your Webinar Funnel Topic

1. Look Over Your Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve hosted a webinar in the past, then look over some of the questions that were asked there and consider developing a webinar funnel answering the top question or series of questions. If you’ve never hosted a webinar previously, then no worries! Collect common questions you get from your website, Facebook, and in other avenues of life relating to your business and structure it into a valuable course. Make a webinar out of answering your top frequently asked question.

The helpful thing about this approach is that you’re taking a real-life question from someone who has expressed interest in you and your brand previously. That means that this type of question will resonate with other warm leads.

2. Read up on Some Old Content

Another excellent way to get your topic generation flowing is to go back and look at old blog posts you’ve published in the past. Find the ones that got the most attention from your audience and sparked the most conversation, then consider how you can repurpose this content into a valuable, digestible webinar funnel.

If you don’t have a huge personal database of blog posts to work with, do some research and find other blogs, videos, and valuable content from other experts in your field. Use their expertise to inspire you. While you should never take someone else’s content and use it as your own, you can learn from others and gain inspiration from them and what they’re teaching.

Constantly be learning and looking for opportunities to grow and share value. Get a fresh perspective on your niche, look into what your target market is finding the most interesting, and create a webinar on a topic in this area that you know about.

3. Make Sure Your Topic Converts

Keep in mind that just because a topic is interesting to you doesn’t mean it will make for a good webinar topic. If you want to get solid conversions out of your webinar, then you want to make sure your topic fits a few parameters, namely,

  • It offers value to your audience and sustainable takeaways.
  • It’s digestible and understandable enough that your audience will remember, but also complex enough to warrant a webinar-length explanation and leave them wanting more from you.
  • It relates to you, your brand, and your products or services, all while prompting action.


The best way to land on a valuable webinar funnel topic is to keep yourself informed in your area of expertise. Stay on top of the questions your target market is asking so you can be the one providing them their answers. Focus on providing valuable information that your clients and prospects can relate to in order to build trust and conversions.

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How To Promote Your Business With Webinars

If you’re seeking a way to promote your business and reach bigger and better goals, then look no further… Webinars might be exactly what you need! 

Many different companies boast of the great effects that webinars have had in helping their business grow to new heights, so what’s stopping a great webinar from doing the exact same thing for your business? With some dedication, determination, education, and a bit of effort, you can create a brilliant webinar that will work wonders for your business.

Here are 6 ways a webinar can help you build your business and reach your 2019 goals. 

Build Your Lists

If you host a free webinar, one with valuable information that is easy for your desired audience to attend, then you will easily be able to build a fresh list of warm to hot leads! Always remember that your database of emails and other contacts is perhaps your most valuable business possession (besides yourself and your team) and a great webinar can help you multiply that list. This not only helps you to network, but also remember that if you can get your product or service in front of your desired audience, then you’re that much closer to making sales!

Find A New Audience 

Your current audience is an important thing to protect and serve dutifully. However, in order to grow your business, you must also grow your audience and customer base! Webinars can help you do exactly that. Attempting to create webinars in various industries or in front of various audiences can help you tap into new opportunities for business growth, all while keeping your current audience or customers satisfied with valuable information and their desired products or services.

Spread Brand Awareness 

It’s obviously important to build your lists and find your desired audience, but there might be a time where instead of hosting the actual webinar, you’re a guest speaker invited to bring additional value. Perhaps you’re a social media guru asked to speak at a marketing company’s telesummit. In that case, you want to present a lot of valuable information while also portraying what is unique and valuable about your specific brand in order to pique interest in what makes you special. Making sure your audience understands your uniqueness is important in growing your business and spreading your brand.

Perfect Your Craft 

Something you’ll quickly learn (if you start presenting yourself and your business more) is that each time you present, you will learn how to make the next presentation even better. Hosting a great, well-thought-out webinar will not only immediately help grow your business (new lists, new audience, new brand awareness), but it will also help you in future endeavors to reach new business goals since you’ll be far more confident in what you do and know.

Network Like A Boss 

A good webinar will also help you make connections with real people looking to make real improvements or changes in their own lives or trade (depending on your business and your audience). By creating an excellent webinar with valuable information, you’ll make it easy for people who are serious to reach out to you, make a connection, and keep that connection going. Since networking is such a crucial part to business, this point shouldn’t go unnoticed!

Save Time 

As a business owner, you have to be able to make the absolute most of your time if you’re going to be able to handle substantial growth. While speaking at live events definitely has its pros, webinars save the time of booking, travel, and are easily repeatable if needed. Additionally, you can create them within the comfort of your home without the pressure of a live audience. Perfecting your speech is easily done, even for those of us who are more shy or even terrified of presenting.

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The Only Website Builder You’ll (Probably) Ever Need

The Only Website Builder You’ll (Probably) Ever Need

In business? A website is a must have asset. It’s where potential clients will find and get to know you. It’s the first place referrals will turn to learn more about you. It’s where you’ll sell your products and services, invite contact requests, brand yourself in your niche, and show off what you know. It might also be where you host your webinars, offer group coaching programs, publish a podcast, create a blog, and even set appointments with clients.

Whew! That’s a lot of jobs for a single website to do. If you choose a versatile content management system such as WordPress though, you can easily incorporate those tasks and so much more.

Fast and Easy Website Setup
In the time it takes to finish your morning coffee, you can have a website created and live on the Internet using WordPress. Most hosting companies offer “one-click installs” for WordPress, meaning it will take only about 5 minutes to create your website. From there, it’s a matter of choosing a theme and adding content.
Even if you’re not technically inclined, WordPress is simple to use. And with a huge, helpful community of users, you can quickly find the answer for everything from “how do I install WordPress” to “how can I create a membership site” with just a Google search.

Your Site, Your Style
With thousands of free and premium themes available, it’s easy to find a look that’s just right for your brand and business. Want something more customized? Many themes offer easy, drag-and-drop editing of layouts, colors and more, but if you want something designed just for you, there are thousands of capable developers to build you a custom design.

Plugins add Greater Flexibility
Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress earned its early popularity by making this rather technical chore easy for thousands of new bloggers. Today it’s no longer known as just a blogging tool. Instead, site owners use WordPress as the basis for:

  • Shopping carts
  • Membership sites
  • Sales pages
  • Wikis
  • Personal journals
  • Online directories
  • Non-profit fundraising
  • Video blogging
  • Podcasting
  • News sites
  • Recipe blogs
  • Photography sites
  • And dozens of others

The combination of themes and plugins—small software add-ons that install directly into your WordPress site—make the possibilities nearly endless, so no matter what you need a website to do, chances are good that WordPress can handle it.

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