Learn How to Stay on Track with Lisza Crisalle

Interview with Lisza Crisalle

Lisa Crisalle, founder of the International Association Of Health & Nutrition Business Owners, teaches us the value of investing in a mentor or coach to help us succeed in business.

Lisa gives insight into why it’s important to “stay on track” even when we have multitudinous new ideas and opportunities that may distract us from our original commitments and goals

Yes, Telesummits Can Still Be Profitable. Here’s How!

A lot of people look at telesummits as an outdated business experiment that no longer helps with marketing, networking, or increasing revenue. They couldn’t be farther from the truth! If you’re interested in growing your email list and creating conversions then you should consider hosting a telesummit. These virtual events with a list of qualified speakers, each with their own valuable information to share, could be exactly the kind of event your business needs for it to skyrocket to the next level of success. 


Here are three ways telesummits can help your business increase profits!

3 Ways Telesummits Help Profits

1. Put together the right team

One of the most crucial rules to creating a profitable telesummit is organizing a team of professionals interested in the same target market. That might sound like a conflict of interest, but it will end up giving you access to more potential customers already interested in what you have to offer.

Once you clearly understand your target market, you must pick a topic or theme for your telesummit, something that your target market will already be interested in learning more about. Don’t make this theme too narrow or all of your speakers will talk about the same things; but also don’t make it too broad or it’ll be hard to bring together a cohesive team.

Once you determine your target market and a theme that market is excited about, start gathering experts who can speak on various aspects of that theme.  

2. Make offers throughout the telesummit!

You absolutely do not want your telesummit to be a platform meant for selling your products and services. A telesummit should be a safe place for people to come, watch, and learn information valuable to them and their problems without being sold to every five minutes. That being said, you should tactfully introduce products or services your audience will find valuable.

Offer “learn more” opportunities, provide links where they can purchase helpful products, and offer as much assistance as you can, but don’t make the telesummit about your sales. If you’re too pushy, people won’t connect with you and certainly won’t buy from you. If you’re helpful, then they will engage and eventually buy what they need!

3. Have an email campaign ready to send to your new list of followers!

When you host a telesummit, one of the biggest benefits is the access you get to new emails. As you collect the right speakers, their own audience will opt into your telesummit, giving you access to a vast new collection of emails. These emails represent new people, new customers, and new potential sales for your business if you treat them well.

So before you launch your telesummit, have a smart, helpful email campaign ready to send to this list of telesummit participants for when the telesummit ends. You want these people to remember you, see your products and services, and learn to trust you as an expert. Keep providing valuable information and quality services. Before you know it, you’ll find some new conversions!

If you are interested in hosting your own telesummit, click here and schedule a call with me.

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How to avoid these common telesummit mistakes

How to avoid these common telesummit mistakes

Happy Monday ,

Are you thinking of planning a telesummit or maybe you’re already in the midst of hosting one? Good for you! You’re in for an incredible experience: you’ll grow your list, make some money, show off your expertise, and make some important connections with other experts in your niche.

But you can’t do any of that if you’re making any of these mistakes.

Not planning ahead

A telesummit is a big commitment, there are all kinds of moving parts you need to coordinate, including:

  • Multiple speakers and their many scheduling conflicts
  • Email autoresponder connections
  • Upsell and downsell opportunities
  • Landings page and access page creation
  • Promotion schedules and marketing materials

Clearly, this is not something you can pull together in a few days. Take your time, and consider hiring an expert to help you keep everything moving forward, typically 3 months is a good time frame to prepare your telesummit launch.

Not getting out of your comfort zone

As the host of a telesummit, you might want to fade into the background but instead you need to make a commitment to put yourself out there, not only when it comes to promoting your event, but also when inviting your guests. Reach for the stars, and don’t be afraid to approach your “dream” guest. You never know who might just say yes.

Not testing everything

This is a big one, no single web page should be published, and no email sent without a thorough testing of everything, including:

  • Buttons—are they clickable and do they lead where you think they do?
  • Links—watch for broken links, placeholders and 404 errors.
  • Spelling and grammar—proofread everything, including the names of your presenters.
  • Upsell/downsell funnels—make sure products are buyable and easy to access.
  • Content delivery pages—do your videos and downloads work?
  • Guest offers—opt-in for all of your guests’ offers to be sure they work as expected.

Remember hosting a telesummit should be fun – not stressful or overwhelming, so enjoy the process, get organized or hire an expert, you’ll be glad you did.Have a great 24 hours,

RobynPS: If you’re looking for telesummit support look no further, click here to schedule a call with me so we can go over your telesummit needs.PPS: Click here to join my Facebook Group the Business Woman’s Guide to Success

The Business Woman’s Guide to Success: Interview with Paula Johnson

The Business Woman’s Guide to Success: Interview with Paula Johnson

Awaken Your Wealth with Paula Johnson!

Paula shares with us:

  • Top 4 limiting beliefs that get in people’s way of building financial wealth
  • How shifting your emotional state and mindset can open up your world and expands your opportunities;
  • How making peace with money can unlock your prosperity
  • how changing your thinking can change your life
  • Live Your Amazing Life Vision – exercise

To learn more about Paula Johnson, you can learn more here: http://pauladjohnson.com/