***Contributed Post***


There is no question that ranking high on Google will lead to desirable results.  But, with so many websites pitching similar ideas, it is a big challenge.  

But, it is a challenge that you can accept!  Let’s look at some ways that you improve your SEO rankings in Google.                                            


First and foremost, your website MUST be user-friendly.  If it is hard to navigate your way through the website, you are going to struggle to get the Google recognition that you desire. Check out using Google search console for keyword research.  This can help you see how some of the keywords that you are using and how they can be upgraded for optimal success.  

In addition to being user-friendly, you need to make sure that your content is broad.  Don’t keep posting similar content, but rather, build off of the content that you already have in place.  Strong content creation can really bring your website to whole new levels. 

Mobile Friendly 

Most people are doing their searches on their mobile device.  Some websites are not mobile friendly, and people won’t spend the time trying to make it work.  You should be using mobile tasks and performance as Google will generate mobile versions in their search engine ahead of desktop pages. Take the mobile friendly test to see where you currently stand with your webpage. 

You need to also think about the purpose of your webpage.  What are you hoping visitors will see?  Be sure that whatever your goals and objectives are for the site can be easily accessed by visitors.  Don’t make it difficult for them to find it. 

Speed It Up 

Google will now be incorporating the speed of your website as part of its mobile search ranking factors.  If it takes too long to load because you have overloaded the site with videos and pictures, people are going to click off of it and move on to another similar site. 

When loading images to your page, be mindful of the dimensions of the image as well as utilizing the image compression and optimizer tool.  If the picture is too big and distorted, it will slow down your site and make it look unorganized. 

Links Are Key 

Links may have the biggest impact on your website ranking.  Make sure that all links are working and you delete any broken links.  You also want to have solid anchor texts to help solidify the internal anchor text.  Don’t get too cute with it. 

Look into getting mentions into your links.  You want to generate buzz and acknowledge anytime that your brand is being mentioned across the web.  You can set a Google alert to help with this process.  Think of how many times you’ve been on a website and became intrigued by the mention of something else?  It works and it will get people to your page. 

Google is certainly King right now and they offer a lot of programs to help you find ways to get noticed on their Search Engine.  Take the time to be thorough with the development of your website as well as teaching yourself the ins and outs of Google.