When you set up your business, having a company car scheme might not be the first thing you consider of great importance. You might not even have employees right at the start – and if you’re taking care of your business and not rushing into things too quickly, then you probably won’t.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t think ahead to the future and work out the best ways to help your employees be more productive, more loyal, and to help them be an excellent asset to your business. One of the ways that you can do this is through having a company car scheme. Read on to find out why this is a great idea.

More Reliable

If you have a field-based team, or even if you have a mainly office-based team, having a company car scheme can be worth every penny as it means that you are ensuring each employee has a reliable vehicle. This could be the difference between making a big sale or not.

Imagine your employee has a big meeting to get to, one that would boost your business’s profits. Yet their car breaks down on the way. They are late, they miss out on the deal, and you have to begin all over again finding new clients. 

If they had a company car that you could control, it would be much more reliable. Company cars will be newer, there will be spare parts readily available, including diesel tanks and tires, and you can ensure they are serviced regularly. The more reliable your team’s cars are, the more work they will be able to get done. 

Extra Marketing

Although not all company cars are sign-written or wrapped in your brand and logo, it’s a great way to enjoy some extra marketing if you can do this. Those company cars will be driving around all over the place, and people will see your logo and contact details much more than if they weren’t wrapped onto a vehicle. They might even stick in the subconscious so that, should someone need your services in the future, they immediately recall this added level of advertising you were able to have.

On top of this marketing assistance that a sign-written company car can give you, when your vehicles are covered in your logo and details, this will help to instill confidence in your customers as well. They will be able to trust that you are who you say you are and that you are serious about your business and will therefore work hard for them.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

The higher the levels of employee satisfaction in your business, the more productive your team will be, even going over and above their everyday work because they appreciate the benefit they have been given. They will also be happier to continue to work for you, saving you money on recruitment and training costs. 

When you consider the cost of recruitment against the cost of a company car as well as the more efficient, productive work that a happy employee is going to produce for you, it’s clear that a company car scheme can be a great way to build your business, as surprising as that might seem. 

This is a contributed post

Image by Michael Gaida from Pixabay