Today we’re going to talk about goal setting as you know in business, you can’t get anywhere without goals. Goals of where you want to go, who you want to be, what you want to change, and more. To achieve reliable progress, you must have effective goals, which also requires effective goal setting.

Effective goal setting is that secret ingredient that can put one business miles ahead of its competitors!

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to determine what goals are appropriate to set, what to focus on, and how to move forward since everything feels important to you and your business.

5 tips for effective goal setting as an entrepreneur!

Be sure your goals align with your values.

You’re an entrepreneur. That means you should be doing something you enjoy. If your career goals aren’t supporting any of your life goals, then you’re bound to end up sad and somewhat miserable. Don’t work hard to open doors that will only lead you down paths you don’t want to be on. For instance, if you hate paperwork and sitting at a desk, then don’t set goals that will result in you having to spend all your time glued to these things. Don’t be afraid of chasing after what you like doing and setting goals that will align with your values and interests. Then work hard to accomplish it.

Don’t be afraid of thinking big.

We’re often wary of setting big goals because we don’t want to fall short of meeting them. The cool thing is, though, the larger your goal, the harder you’ll work to accomplish it, meaning the greater your reward will likely be. So what if you fall short? You’ll likely do so much better (or at least as well) with a big goal than you would have if that goal were small to begin with. For example, instead of setting a goal to make your first million, set it to make your first $20 million. Worst case scenario, you don’t meet $20 million, but you meet or even surpass $1 million!

Set goals that you have control over.

Now, setting big goals is great, but you have to remember that the smaller pieces matter, too. It’s all fine and dandy to set monetary goals, goals about how many people you will reach, and more, but be sure you don’t stop there. Set goals you actually have control over, such as how you will accomplish that monetary growth, what you will do to reach your goal number of people, and so on. Decide on all the little goals that will bring you to your big goal. Determine goals for each quarter, each month, each week, and so on to accomplish the big, uncontrollable goal. Make them bite-sized and manageable. Make sure they’re things you, yourself, are capable of accomplishing.

Give yourself enough time to do them.

Nothing kills a goal quite like rushing it. Don’t be discouraged when things take longer than anticipated since many things take a bit of time anyway. Be sure to give yourself that time to make progress and don’t be upset if things move slower than your impatience would like. Don’t expect to be an overnight success. Be willing to put in the hard work.

Manage the risks and have a plan for your success.

With any business, there are going to be risks. With any change, there are going to be possible mistakes or fall-backs. In the same way, success–even when pursued–brings its own collection of change and adjustment. Be sure you plan for these things and make adjustments accordingly.

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Robyn Bennett