As I’m sure you know, goals are incredibly important to set, not only in your personal life but also for your business.

When you specifically identify where you want to be in the future and how you’d like to grow, you’re able to create plans for achieving success. A bucket list of sorts is an enjoyable way to set goals, meet them, and also have a lot of fun along the way, all while keeping track of your progress.

So, if you’ve been looking for some New Year’s resolutions to get your business booming or even some fun accomplishments to add to your experience, then check out these tips! Here are 6 things to add to your Business Bucket List for 2019, as well as some suggestions on how to build your own personalized list.

Business Bucket List Making For 2019

First things first when creating your business bucket list: you have to undergo a combined time of dreaming and brainstorming. Take out a physical piece of paper or open a new word document on your computer and start writing down all of your ideas for the new year. Remove all limitations and focus on allowing your mind to be as free as possible, jotting down every idea that comes to you as a good goal for your business in this coming year. You’re allowed to edit for feasibility and reasonability later. For now, though, just write down a bunch of ideas!

If you’re having trouble coming up with your own fresh ideas, then consider these six ideas for inspiration:

Start a blog.

But not just any blog about random facts that halfway apply to you and your business. Start one that your desired customers want to read, will read and will want to do business with you because they enjoy the content you create. Make sure to provide good, helpful content. Present yourself as an expert and write about what kindles your passions and what fuels your business (if you already have a blog, then focus on creating better content that will help instigate {fill in the blank} amount of sales per month)!

Get (fill in the blank) new clients!

Look at how many customers you have now and pick a number that’s a lot bigger than that, then work for it! In order for your business to grow, you have to find more clients who will pay for your services, so set your desired number and start building up to it (if you already have the max number of clients you can handle, then start brainstorming ways to make your services even better)!

Beat last year’s profits.

Again, look at the revenue you made last year (you can even break it down month by month if that’s easier) and then beat last year’s numbers! You can do this a variety of ways, but increasing your client base will certainly help (so good thing that’s also on your bucket list).

Revamp your business.

Actually, do that website/branding/logo/etc. revamping you’ve been planning on doing for forever. All the to-do lists that have been piling up in your office and desk drawers actually need to be done, so pull them out and set goals for them! Figure out which tasks are priorities and determine a time they should be accomplished.

Go to a seminar or conference, learn more about your field, and be challenged.

Being a professional takes a lot of effort, especially when it comes to learning the latest trends, gaining new knowledge, and educating yourself in order to remain the professional. Learn from people who are better than you or who have different ideas and never stop challenging yourself to learn more.

Write a book.

Maybe you’re not a writer, but maybe you have a lot of good information to share with others anyway. While a book might sound daunting to write, remember that you have an entire year to accomplish this and that’s a lot of time to get things accomplished when handled correctly!

Once you’ve created a long, beautiful bucket list, it’s time to condense it, edit it, and narrow it down to items that are actually necessary for you to accomplish or beneficial for your business. You should create a timetable for completing these items, determining which of them need to be done by the end of the first month, by the beginning of the summer, by the start of the fall, and so on until you have your priorities and aiming straight for the new year.

For instance, “beating last year’s profits” should definitely have a role in every month’s earnings, but you won’t likely beat the entire goal until the end of the year, so break that huge goal down into manageable pieces and start creating a plan for conquering it. Additionally, if you have decided to initiate “X New Marketing Strategies” for the new year, then you should be sure to plan what they are and when to begin each campaign in order to get them all done at appropriate times

Once you’ve determined your bucket list items and also your timeframes, it might be helpful for you to partner with one of your business buddies in order to

a)) inspire goal-setting, and

b) get some accountability.

We all know how easy it is to completely forget about any and all of our New Year’s resolutions by the time March rolls around, but when it’s your business at stake, it’s important to do better.

After that, plan and start to implement!

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Have a great week.
Robyn Bennett