When it comes to business success, we hear a lot about marketing and online media that will help us to attract, and keep, our best customers and clients. There are so many different ways in which marketing has evolved over the years, and we couldn’t have dreamt of the new methods businesses are getting their products and services in front of consumers. It seems as though most people have access to the internet and people from all generations are moving away from the ‘traditional’ print and TV entertainment, and discovering new ways to explore everything businesses have to offer. But with change comes challenge. There are undoubtedly some unique challenges that companies face now because of the modernized landscape, but what are these new ways and how do they apply to small businesses?

The fastest changing Marketing method seems to be television at the moment, the reason for this is that a lot of people are choosing to use services such as Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. These make TV shows much more accessible and have an extensive range of options available too. This means that the days of having to wait for an advert to finish, and making a quick cup of tea in that time, are gone. We now have full control over when, where and how we watch our entertainment. Ultimately it means that advertisers need to become more creative, and even though subscription services such as Netflix, have no advertising time during the actual programs, there are ways in which these programs aim to “sell“ products and services to the consumer. Anyone will agree that YouTube is a massive tool for advertising these days. If you have a child who has access to a device, you will have watched an unboxing video at some point. This means that your children will have seen advertising without even realising it. That’s the trick with television.  It’s sometimes hard to work out what is real, and where the adverts are. YouTube is a playground for anybody, but once users become “famous“ then the adverts and page content, become much more widespread.

Bloggers aren’t particularly new, with many blogs spanning over a decade in time. But collaborating with a blogger, as a business is a great move. Especially considering how much work the bloggers put into their site, you find a fantastic opportunity to work with a real person, who cares about their craft. This really comes across, and since bloggers have a following of people, this is a market that businesses can tap into. Of course, the blogger needs to authorize everything that goes onto their sites, so individual companies may not be welcome or fit, but missing out on the opportunity to work with a blogger will be a shame for a business owner. There is a massive majority of bloggers who work with huge companies like Disney, or travel companies. And bloggers also tend to work with beauty companies and friends that know exactly how to use this as a marketing advantage. It’s a great way to have some authentic content written about your brand as well. This is valuable, as not only does it work well for SEO, it works to show you how your business is perceived on your side. Sites such as SEOExplode really help you keep track. 

It’s no secret that Facebook has been leading the way with regards to targeted adverts on its platform, they even provide training courses on how to use the targeted methods, and also help you every step of the way, to make sure that any money spent isn’t wasted. Targeting has been rolled out on other social media platforms as well. However, it’s important to remember that Google and Google ads are up-to-date with the targeting technology used. It all depends on where the focus of your potential clients are and creating space to allow your products and services to be seen.

This is, of course, an area that you’re able to educate yourself in, and be able to hire somebody to take this onboard for you. It isn’t the most comfortable topic to master, but if you have the time and inclination, then you can in an awful lot.

Creating an app for your brand can be a groundbreaking experience for your business. You find most large companies that have that works either as a loyalty scheme or an information and communication tool. Some activities are purely app-based, and since there is a lot of money to be made via apps these days, you’ll find there are more and more appearing. If you aren’t sure about that development, and most people are unsure on how to create an app from scratch, there are plenty of developers that will sit and talk you through the whole process, or can even create the app for you. With an app, you can contact people directly, send reminders, set up the loyalty scheme and run it, plus Use clever marketing ploys to keep customers on side. As with anything, security and keeping the app updated is an extra chore for your business, it’s really worth thinking about hiring a person who knows what they’re doing and can prevent any disasters on your behalf.

It may seem bizarre to mention the video-sharing website as well. And It can seem like a pointless mention, but since everyone’s attention is on TikTok, then it only makes sense to put some content there, and include it in your strategy. Gaining followers on any platform is a good start. Finding and targeting your ideal clients is always a perfect way to give your business a boost. Many people are finding a viral video that gains a lot of attention. Can start the ball rolling to achieving great things. And at the end of the day, attention and eyes on what you have to offer is the ideal item for any marketing efforts. Work on those moves and acting skills, as you will need to start putting content for your brand on there sooner rather than later. There’s a lot to be said for staying ahead of the competition.

There is a whole world of marketing tools available to you, and we are incredibly lucky to have them at our disposal. Only problem with this is the fact that there is so many people doing the same things, and especially those in creative fields can feel a little bit put out by all the many businesses they have to compete with. But this is something you will need to have considered before starting your business, it isn’t going to be worth it in the end. Just make sure your business message is clear. And you know exactly where you are heading. Nobody can argue with somebody that has a clear view of where the future lies.

What ideas would you share with a brand-new blogger? Would it include some of the ups and downs in marketing you’ve experienced?

*This is a contributed post