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When marketing for a business, it is usually the graphic design you create which grabs the attention of your customers and allows you to really make a lasting impression on them from day one. If you want to break out of the boring mould with your graphic design and take it to new heights this year, here are some top tips from us which should help you on the way.

Use free tools

The first thing you can think about doing when you are looking into graphic design is the tools that you are using for it. You need to make sure you always look for the best possible tools on the market and you can see by this review of Sketch and Adobe that these are both very popular choices. Think about looking for free tools on the App Store and work by trial and error until you find something which works in the way you want it to, you’ll be surprised at what you can find!

Step outside the norm

One of the main issues which graphic designers struggle with is the ability to break out of the normal design pitfalls and instead relate something entirely new. It is always tempting to use things like polka dots, stripes and chevrons on your designs, but did you ever think of making stars or hearts instead? If you can step out of the norm you will open yourself up to a whole world of possibilities and this can be exactly what you need to succeed and make an impression.

Ignore trends

It is far too tempting to follow the latest trends when designing your products and marketing material, and we know it is sometimes a good thing for you to do. However, if everyone followed the trend of summer, we would have thousands of products covering on watermelon and flamingos and everything would look the same. Rather than following a trend you want to make a trend. Design something new which no one else has done yet and you never know, you might start seeing other brands copying your designs.

Hire an artist

If you really want to be unique in your designs and make an impact on your audience, you can think about hiring an artist or a new artist each season to create a unique and stunning design for you to work with. For example, Birchbox is a beauty subscription box which hires a new artist each month to design their box. It ensures that no two months are the same and it also mutually benefits the artist by giving them exposure.

Have fun

There’s no point on being a graphic designer if you are only ever designing boring things. The whole idea of being a designer is to be creative and let your fun spark take over when you want it to. Have some fun playing around with new ideas and never stop yourself from trying something you think will work even if it is a little risky. This risk can be what pays off and makes you a designer who is loved by all.