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Should you be a lover of all things technology, then you will know that we are living in an exciting time. Sure, there have always been innovations in technology, but especially for anybody keen to own something that looks futuristic, there are all kinds of products available today that will fulfill the dreams of anybody who has thrilled at the futuristic gadgets displayed in films such as Back to the Future and Minority Report.

Such as?


Well, speaking of Back to the Future, you can now jet around town on a hoverboard. Okay, so they aren’t quite as cool or as functional as the one used by Marty McFly, but the types of hoverboards available today aren’t too far behind. Thanks to self-balancing technology, there is little risk of an accident, and because these cool devices are environmentally friendly, you might consider the hoverboard a far greener alternative than the toxic piece of metal that is your car!

Of course, if driving is still your thing, and you haven’t gotten over your fears of skateboarding from years ago, then driverless cars are almost upon us. The linked article suggests 2019 at the earliest, so while you can’t actually buy one today, you might still be able to put down a deposit now. Still, while you can’t hop into a fully autonomous car, unlike Tom Cruise in Minority Report, many of today’s cars do feature self-driving tech, with the ability to carry out those nuisance maneuvers, such as pulling into a parking space for you. While not as cool as anything you have seen in the movies, this is still an exciting time to be a driver.

Now we know what (you’re probably not) thinking. Hoverboards and driverless cars are fine, but what about good old-fashioned exercise. Flying around town on futuristic transport devices is all well and good, but we still need to keep fit. Fear not, fitness lovers! There are all kinds of amazing gadgets that are designed to help you do just that, including these smart shoes and socks that both look amazing, and that will help you to feel amazing too. With accelerometers that will track your fitness, sole-tech to improve your performance, and special heating functions that will keep your feet feeling toasty warm when out on your run, you will have all the incentive you need to get away from the tv.


Unless, of course, you are watching your favourite boxsets on Samsung’s new 85-inch 8K TV. Having only just gotten used to good old (are we seriously using that word already) 4K, this is the next big thing in television technology. Like those massive screens we have seen on nearly every sci-fi crime film/show ever, you can now have these ultra hi-def screens in your very own living room. Sure, it will cost you $15,000, but you can always set up a payment plan. Still, if you can’t afford one just yet, there are still loads of incredible looking 4K screens still available, just the thing if you have snagged yourself an Apple TV 4K streaming box.

We have barely touched upon the technologies that are becoming available to us, but know this: the future is upon us, and we can have a piece of it today! Now, where did we put our credit cards?!