If you look at some of the most successful businesses in the world, they all have something important in common: a clear strategy for where they’re headed. Everyone in the organization knows why they’re doing what they’re doing, helping to improve productivity. 

The statistics for workplace engagement in the US, however, are shocking. As the following info graphic indicates, only around 33 percent of all American workers feel engaged by their jobs, and a further 16 percent say that they are actively miserable. Around half are present but not engaged. 

The solution to this problem isn’t to hire better people. Instead, it is to explain to colleagues why their role is so valuable and what the company is trying to achieve. For people to be engaged in a task, they need to feel as if they have ownership over it. They need to know how their particular responsibility impacts the mission of the rest of the firm. 

At the core of this process is excellent communication. If leaders in an enterprise can’t sell the corporate mission to their employees, they’ll forever struggle with low levels of engagement and poor performance. 

Communication isn’t just crucial for colleagues. It is also important for shareholders and employees too. Companies, for instance, that regularly keep shareholders informed encourage greater loyalty and increases in the value of their equity. 

Would you like to find out more about communications and its value to business? If so, check out the following stats in this info graphic.

Infographic by USC This is a contributed post