The world we live in is incredibly fast paced – and as a business owner, it’s imperative that you keep up if you want to succeed. Tried and tested methods from the past will often no longer suffice, where changes in attitudes, technology and society have rendered many of them obsolete. Here’s what you need to know about bringing your business into the modern day. 

Utilize modern software and technology
There are all kinds of clever softwares and pieces of kit that companies can benefit from using this day and age. From incredible computers to software that can automate literally entire areas of your business, it’s something you need to be aware of as a company owner. If you’re in the dark about which changes to make, get an IT support team on board who can advise you and point you in the right direction. 

Ditch the old fashioned marketing techniques
Marketing has really changed over the years, as technology has improved, customer demand and expectation has changed, as well as the way that we use the internet. These days, marketing techniques need to be clever and subtle, and marketing in the wrong way will do you far more harm than good. From ‘black hat’ techniques such as keyword stuffing which will get you banned by search engines, to spamming links on social media which will annoy your customers, don’t just guess at it. If you’re not a marketing expert, employ a person or hire a company that is. You need someone that’s experienced and knows what they’re doing. Old or outdated marketing methods will be costing you in many ways- not just in money. 

Improve your office
Research has shown time and time again that the quality of your office can directly influence the productivity of your staff and business. You don’t need to be working out of the most expensive city view office block with floor to ceiling windows (although that’s the dream for many of us!) But you should make the most of what you have. Decorate, add plants, have the place professionally cleaned regularly, you can hire your cleaning employees to do this or utilize the services of a commercial third party cleaning company. One thing that many offices and workplaces have got on board with in recent years is the idea of collaborative working areas. Big companies like Google, Pixar and Facebook are amongst those that pride themselves on creative, collaborative workspaces for employees. Do your own research, work out what it is that customers and employees want and tailor your workspace to suit.

Have you considered how you will bring your business into the modern day, and where it could currently be falling behind?

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