​Remember when you first ignited your passion? You were excited about it! You probably talked about it all day and thought about it all night. You were bursting with ideas for how to work through things, setting goals and aspirations for the future!

Passion is inspiring. It drives you. It gives you endless energy. However, sometimes in life we end up losing interest in that thing we used to love more than any other thing. That might happen because we’ve outgrown our passion and found a new one to fill its place, but more often than not, there are other reasons for our deflation in motivation.

We might have had a busy season at work. We may have been slammed with discouragement or bad reviews. Perhaps things aren’t working out as we expected. We might struggle with anxiety, worry, depression, doubts. Soon we might realize that we’ve lost sight of our passion completely and are overwhelmed with many different emotions.


Before you give up on what you’re building and the business you’ve put so much effort into, realize that everyone has these moments. Everyone has times where they question themselves, doubt their vision, and wonder if they’re doing it all wrong.  Everyone loses sight of their passion.

Here are four things to do if that happened to you.

4 Things to Do When You’ve Lost Sight of Your Passion

1. Examine What Made You Lose Your Passion

Are you not passionate anymore because things are harder than you expected them to be? Have you encountered a lot of negativity about your goals? Do you need more rest, more help, or more learning? Are you disorganized or overwhelmed? Have you found something else to be passionate about?

Don’t just give up on what’s been driving you. Try to pinpoint exactly why you don’t feel passionate about it anymore and consider ways to overcome these things and find your momentum again. 

2. Allow Yourself Time to Do Other Things

It’s hard to be passionate about the same thing 24/7, and sometimes you’re so busy with sidelining things that you lose track of your actual passion; so be intentional about it. Allow yourself time to do things you enjoy. Your schedule might be busy, there might be too many tasks on your plate, and you might be overwhelmed, but still: make room for what you love in your life. Make it a priority. Even if you don’t “feel” like doing anything, do what you know you love and let it ignite your joy. 

3. Talk to Your Peers!

There’s nothing quite like talking about your passions to get the flame of inspiration going again! Find someone who knows and supports what you do and talk to them about what you’re going through. Let them know how you’ve lost track of your passion. Get talking about it. Listen to what advice they have and start bouncing ideas off of each other for how you can do better in the future!

4. Don’t Give Up

Everyone has seasons of doubts. As with anything in life, there are highs and lows. Neither are permanent stages. Learn from the season you’re in and just try to do the best you can! If you keep chasing after your passion, putting in the work, and being willing to ride through the ups and downs, you won’t likely regret it.

Leave a comment and share with me what your passion is! I would love to learn more about you and what drives you!

Have a great week!

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