Another great way to find free traffic is to use a tool you already have available, and that’s Facebook Live.

This can be useful if you’re counting down to a big launch and want to share it with your community or if you want to show off a new product you’re reviewing.

To get the most out of Facebook Live streams and send traffic back to your website, you’ll want to do these things…

Engage with your viewers. You can do this by paying attention to the comments on your video and responding to them out loud.

Focus on interacting with your viewers throughout your live stream. This builds relationships and makes people want to learn more about you and your business.

Brainstorm content suggestions. It’s great for those days when you feel blocked and can’t come up with any content ideas on your own. Let your audience help you brainstorm something different. You can use this technique when you need new content for your blog or when you’re looking to create a low-cost product.

Once you’ve finished your creation, come back and start a new Facebook live. Tell them about your new content and give a link to it. Doing this is a simple way to drive traffic back to your site. Plus, it makes your viewers curious to see if you used their suggestion.

Have a content upgrade ready. If you’re live-streaming and you want to transform those views into site visits, consider putting together a content upgrade. This should be a relevant gift that your community will enjoy like a quick start guide, fun printable, or a case study.

When you create a content upgrade, make a special landing page for it. Then link to the page in the comments section of your live stream. Viewers who are enjoying your stream can quickly click-through and download your gift.

Ask viewers to share your video. This is a simple way to get more traffic and exposure for your brand. In the middle of your video when you’ve gotten a few viewers, encourage them to click the share button.

You could say something like, “If your bestie is always looking for new makeup tips, share this video with her so she can follow along!”

Now you’ve asked them to share but you’ve done it in a way that reminds them your content is valuable. You’ve made them eager to share because they can discuss your topic with their friends later.

Facebook’s live-streaming feature is a great way to get traffic flowing back to your website. But make sure you have something valuable to share before you start the camera rolling. You want your viewers to remember you and your brand for all the right reasons.