Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics and that’s list building, or more specifically why you need to list build. No matter your online presence – from blogging, social media, creating awesome video content or your own online store, if you have an online business you can definitely benefit from building your list.

What’s the big deal about having an email list? Well for one it gives you the opportunity to communicate directly to your audience. There’s no waiting for them to visit you on your blog or follow you on Instagram to see your content or offers. You get to go directly to them, well their inbox that is.

Even though blogging, video content and social media are awesome ways to reach your audience, email marketing in itself converts better than those other forms of marketing. That’s the biggest reason why you should concentrate your marketing efforts on list building. Your email list will help you earn a living from your online business. And it’s also a form of safety net. Let me explain what I mean.

I don’t like to concentrate on all the negatives that can happen; Facebook can decide to shut down your account, your great website can get hacked and other not so fun things… but the good news is that with an email list you have a way to recover, to reach out and to talk with your tribe and let them know what’s going on.

And… another great advantage is you have an opportunity to get to know your audience better. You end up building a relationship with them through your weekly or bi-weekly emails that you send to them (as well as through their comments to you). You start to build trust with your tribe. And we know that’s important because once you have gained trust, they are more likely to take you up on the different offers you sent them via email. And as long as you treat your email list/tribe well and share great content it’s sustainable. You can make offers for things they want and need over and over again.

I’ve seen list sizes of 500 build a 6-figure income in a year, I’ve seen all list sizes and all income sizes and all I can say is imagine what you can do or earn if you start building or growing your list now.

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