Now that we have a dedicated opt-in page, it’s time to begin driving traffic to the page so we can build our list. We can start by using our social media bios and posts to begin driving traffic.

Before we explore social media practices, we need to know which platforms your ideal subscribers are using. Next, we need to make sure you’re using those same platforms to communicate with your audience. If you’re not already using those same platforms, it’s time start!

Leverage Your Social Media Bios

Each social media platform provides a section to tell a little about yourself. A call to action should be included on each of your social media bios with a link to subscribe. The premise is simple: when you actively engage on social media, people will want to know more about you. As a result, they will visit your profile, and if they like what they see, they may click your link that leads to your opt in offer and *fingers crossed* join your list.

Create Compelling Social Media Content

Once your profile is complete, it’s time to post. Plan out your content in advance, and be sure to include posts about your freebie. Engaging with your audience is a big factor in your growth on social media, so make it a point to converse with others via comments and reposts. Here is a way to engage fans and drive traffic using each of the popular social media platforms.

Twitter: Twitter allows you to add clickable links to your posts, so you can tweet a description of your freebie with a call to action and a clickable link. You can also tweet an image of your opt in, along with the description and link to your dedicated opt in page. Send out a tweet once daily, or every couple days at different times, to share your offer with your Twitter followers.

Facebook: Similar with Twitter, you can post the description, an image and a clickable link. However, Facebook offers more space to post, so you can use this to your advantage. For example, if you are a productivity coach and your opt in freebie is an ebook detailing 10 tips to maximize your productivity before noon, you can post one of the tips, mention it’s from your latest freebie, and include a link to sign up in the post.

Instagram: Images are everything on Instagram, so you have to flex some creative muscle here. But first, let’s talk about links. Instagram does not allow clickable links in posts, so you will need to add a call to action and link in your profile. Then, when posting about your opt in on Instagram, you will direct readers to click the link in your profile to sign up.

When creating images to promote your opt in, consider the images that will grab your ideal subscriber’s attention. You can use an image with or without text here.

When writing the post itself, similar to Facebook, you have plenty of space here to share valuable information. You can include snippets from your opt in, or helpful tips and resources that you might share in your regular newsletter. When doing so, remember to direct people to click the link in your profile to subscribe to your list.

Pinterest: Pinterest is also image-driven, but you can link a pin directly to your opt in page. When creating pinnable images, a long vertical image works best on Pinterest. Be sure to use a strong image that your ideal reader will likely find irresistible and add a brief but compelling text headline directly on the image. With Pinterest, you may also write a description for the pinned image, and you can link the image to your dedicated opt in page.

To begin using social media to drive traffic to your opt in freebie, create 2-3 posts and at least one specifically sized promotional image for each social media platform. In this way, you can add your opt in posts to your social media content rotation schedule.

Use these techniques to engage with your ideal audience on social media, share valuable information, and ultimately attract new subscribers to your list.