Basic Elements of a Dedicated Opt In Page

A dedicated optin page is a page that stands on its own to attract subscribers. Before we start seeking out subscribers and driving those potential subscribers to our website to join our list, we need to create a place to send this traffic. This is where a dedicated opt in page comes in handy.

Creating a dedicated page doesn’t not have to be an overwhelming process, the goal is to get people sign up for your offer. Once you understand the basic elements that need to be on the page, you’ll be all set!

The Basic Elements Of An Opt-in Page

When designing an opt in page, simple is best. The goal is to speak the language of your ideal subscriber, so they understand your offer is for them. The following are the basic elements that every dedicated opt in page should include:

  1. A compelling headline – hook your reader immediately to keep them on the page.
  2. A description of the offer – also known as “what’s in it for me.” The description of your freebie should list the out the benefits the reader will receive (or experience) as a result of joining your list and downloading your freebie. A bulleted list can be a simple, concise way to present this kind of information.
  3. An image – the image can be a graphic of the opt in offer, such as a cover image for an ebook, or a screen capture if it’s a checklist. Your image can also be a brief video that describes the freebie. The goal is to give your reader a visual representation of what they will be getting. Remember, an image speaks louder than words!
  4. Subscription form – Naturally, you will need a way for your reader to provide their name and email address. Your optin form will be embedded directly on the page.
  5. A subscribe button – After your reader enters a name and email address, it’s time to tell her what to do. A call to action should be inserted as a clickable button. Your button can say “subscribe” or “submit” or something similar.
  6. What comes next – You can close out the page with details for your reader after they subscribe. For example, you can let them know to look for a confirmation email. You can also include a picture of yourself, a thank you, and a re-iteration of the primary benefit the reader will experience as a result of your joining your list.

Once you set up your first optin page, you may want to create another one to target a different market segment. As you publish each dedicated opt in page, be sure to periodically check the metrics to see which pages and features convert best.