Yesterday we identified your target audience, the people you want to join your list. Now it’s time to look at your lead magnet – when is the last time you looked at your opt-in offer? Is it stale, in need of an update?

List building is a continuous process, though we don’t always treat it as such. It takes some work to create a lead magnet, and integrate the opt-in form, and set up all of the pages in the autoresponder. Once we have it finally set up, we simply drive traffic to it. We don’t always schedule time in to re-examine the lead magnet to be sure it fits in line with what our audience needs over time. Remember, needs evolve, and your audience may evolve as well. Your lead magnet may be stunting your list building efforts.

Now that you know your customer avatar, it’s time to figure out if your opt-in offer makes your avatar run to hit the subscribe button. Do you need to tweak your existing offer just a bit to bring it up to date for your audience? Or do you need to do a major overhaul, or start with a new offer?

The goal of your lead magnet is to speak to the needs of your audience right now, and make them so excited to sign up and receive it! They should want to sign up immediately, and take action to get the results you promise. Is your opt-in offer doing this?

In order to answer this question, you will need to figure out what your dream subscriber needs help with right now. What are they struggling with today? What challenges are they facing that your lead magnet helps them with, or solves for them? What keeps them up at night, and what keeps them motivated to press forward? Can you tap into the emotions of your dream subscriber, to entice them to subscribe?

Once you can answer these questions, you can define the topic of your lead magnet. Topic aside, what’s the best format to deliver your lead magnet? Is your content best delivered as a downloadable ebook, video, an email course, or a multimedia format? Which format is most appealing to your audience?

Now look at your lead magnet. Take a couple days to revise your offer as you need to, including the quality of the content. With so many offers to choose from online, you want your subscribers to be impressed with the quality of your lead magnet, so much that they stick around to receive more from you.

When you revise your lead magnet, you will probably need to revise the opt-in forms and pages, thank you pages and autoreponders you have already set up to deliver the offer. You will also want to make a list of all of the pages where you mention the offer in case you need to make some changes.

Once this has been completed, there is a final component to set up before we work on driving traffic to your offer. Stay tuned!