Your marketing department is one of the most important departments in your business. With the proper marketing, you’ll be able to target your audience precisely so that you always have the right people wanting to buy and be interested in your services and your products. The problem is that marketing changes year on year, and there are so many changes happening right now but it can be really easy to overlook what your department is doing. Are you staying ahead of the curve? Are you getting the most out of your marketing efforts? 

You can choose to use a small business marketing agency to really bump up your marketing department, but you also need to know why your marketing department needs help. If the content that has been created is struggling to appear on the first page of google then something is going wrong. So here are five signs that your marketing team is in dire need of assistance.

  • Nobody is performing any keyword research. When you are writing for your website, or your marketing team is writing your content, Need to ensure that you are actually performing keyword research. It’s this research that’s going to be able to help you to localize your content and pinpoint you on the right page on the search engine results. Keyword research is actually one of the most valuable in essential activities to perform for your marketing department, so if you’re not performing the keyword research on something is going wrong with your experts.
  • You’re not automating your content sharing. You should already have your social media pages linked to your website, but you should also be sharing your contents from one to the other. If you are using content on your website, that should be automatically shared to your social media so the conversation can be created and you can advertise more things to your customers. The easiest way to automate your social media effort is to just ensure that you have the right software and apps built-in. Automating your content sharing is actually an integral part of your social media, and there are so many tools that you can use to do this.
  • You are not abreast of your analytics. You need to be up to date with her analytics and that means sharing and discussing analytic take reports. The marketing department in your business should be analyzing all of these reports every single week, otherwise you’re never going to know where you stand. You also need to know which campaign is bringing you the best return and where you are spending money that you shouldn’t be spending it. Unless you are checking your analytics you’re not going to know which means you’re actually going to be spending more money than you make.
  • You are not optimizing your content for Google. The Google search engine results pages really do matter and if you want to appear on that first page you need to make sure that you are optimizing your site correctly.

Image Source: Pexels