Let’s get real for a minute. Have you ever taken an online quiz?

From “What Hogwarts house am I?” to “What animal am I?” to “What should my career be?”, online quizzes are all the rage. You’ll be minding your own business, scrolling social media or a blog then BAM there it is…a little quiz grabs your attention and says just the right thing to peak your curiosity! Before you know it you’re answering questions (and even giving out your personal email) so that you can discover what color of cat you were in a previous life…

Admit it. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now, quizzes might seem like a fun side-hobby but did you know they can actually be incredibly effective tools for building your email list?

Think about it. People LOVE taking quizzes. And if you build a quiz that grabs the interest of the demographic you are trying to reach, all you have to do is:

  1. Put the quiz somewhere they will see it.
  2. Ask for their email in order to get their quiz results.
  3. BOOM! You’ve got a new subscriber!

When I was asked to test Interact; an online quiz creator software, I jumped at the opportunity. I needed something to spice up the content I was creating and attract more people interested in what I have to offer. Creating quizzes geared towards my target demographic was a fresh strategy I’d never tried before.

Here are 5 Ways Interact Quiz Creator Can Improve Your Business

Here are the benefits I have discovered from using Interact Quiz Software.

#1 Rapidly grow your email list

When I put my first quiz out there, I had an almost 50% conversion rate from people who clicked on the quiz. That means I got 25 emails for every 50 people who took the quiz. THAT is a great statistic!

#2 Segment your list

There are so many benefits to email list segmentation! A “get to know you” style quiz can help you understand your audience better, automatically separate them based on responses, and enable you to write more personalized, applicable content to them. This is a great strategy for increasing open rates, boosting engagement and getting new clients or customers.  

#3 Drive Sales

A quiz is an easy way to show which of your products or services may be of use to a particular person. If you don’t sell anything that can be marketed through a quiz, you can also use a quiz to direct your readers to affiliate products and services.

#4 Get Seen On Social Media

As a business owner, it is getting harder and harder to be seen on social media due to frequently-changing algorithms. A sure way to be seen is if an individual shares something you are attached to. Enter interact quizzes! People often share their quiz results on social media and this is an easy way to spread your business name around on Facebook and grow your presence.

#5 Boost Audience Engagement

Creating a fun, interactive quiz is an easy way to encourage audience engagement. You can also use quizzes to get valuable feedback from your readers and customers.

So far, I have been extremely pleased with my experience using Interact. I was looking for a tool that is simple to use (for myself and my clients), something that looked modern and attractive, and something to boost my numbers that was also fun to do.

Here are more benefits when you use their platform:

  • Customizable Design
  • Branching Logic
  • Multiple Quiz Types
  • Opt-In Form Builder
  • In-Depth Analytics
  • and much more…

There are many options for your business with Interact that I suggest you check out their website and sign up for one of their plans which range from Free to Pro and very affordable!

You can try Interact Quiz Creator here!

Have fun!