Typically when you work with a virtual assistant, it means you will have to be in touch with each other quite regularly.  This also involves sending images and files as well as other types of data.   The way you communicate together will depend mostly on you, as well as your VA’s, personal choice.  Where some people prefer to work casually – just emails and telephone calls – others would much rather use a Project Management system.

Here are a few ways you can share projects/tasks with your Virtual Assistant:

Email – One of the more popular ways of sending your projects to your VA is via email. Perhaps emails is the option that you both would prefer.  It does give you something that you or your VA can refer back to if you ever have to recheck on some instructions or content given.

Phone/Skype – for certain assignments that need more detailed instructions that may be too difficult to explain by email, then it would be a better idea to speak to each other by phone or Skype.  There is, however, a setback with this method, in that you don’t have a paper trail.  In that case, it would be a good idea to phone/Skype your VA and follow that up with a short email with the key notes which your VA may need and can easily refer to while doing that particular assignment.

There are apps out there that can record your Skype calls.  Which is another way to refer back to the conversation. Personally, I have not used them but here’s a list supplied by Skype.

Dropbox –  Now, here is a great little treasure.  Chances are, that you probably already know about this product and most likely used it to store your photos and share with family and friends.   This product is simple to set up files that you and your VA can share and add to – or edit.  One of my favorite features of Dropbox is that when you edit your documents and save them, it will be synced between yourself and your VA, so you can always be on top of any changes, rather than have to scan documents back and forth between yourselves and have to wait for replies/confirmations etc. from each other

Another great feature is that you can use Dropbox and co-ordinate with your emails by very easily uploading files to the Dropbox folder and emailing your VA particular instructions that you need to have done – OR – to make it even easier (if you and your VA prefer) you can eliminate the whole email procedure by writing out instructions/log-in info etc. and upload it right into the same Dropbox folder.  So easy!   Just be certain to tag your VA in the @mention option that Dropbox now offers so they become notified (and your VA will return the favor when task is complete).

Project management systems – You will find that some VAs would rather work, as described above, with stricter guidelines and use a Project Management system.  If your VA works this way, then you will be added into their project management system as a New Client/Project – you will be given the login information in order to access your account – Now this is where you will be doing all your communicating with the VA and send the VA your projects etc.

BASECAMP is one of the more familiar Project Management systems that you might have already heard of and some other favorites are Asana and Teamwork to name but a few.

In person – should you be fortunate enough to find a local VA, then you can have the luxury of meeting in person on a regular basis to discuss the current and upcoming projects for the near future.

The above are just a few of the more popular methods of working with a VA in your online business – Eventually, you and your VA can discuss together to figure out the best form of communication that will work better for the both of you.

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