Running a business needn’t require you to be chained to an office desk all day. Modern technology has made it possible to run a business from any location: whether you’re at home, in your car or even travelling abroad. Below are a few ways to run a business from any location.

Invest in the right portable devices

You can’t work from any location if you’ve only got a desktop PC. Consider investing in portable devices that you can take with you. A laptop is the most practical device for writing tasks. If you need to work while standing up, a tablet could be a good option. You can even work from a smartphone (although due to this device’s tiny screen, you probably don’t want to do anything too intensive on it).

Start using the cloud

Cloud technology has allowed businesses to store all their data remotely. This allows you to access this data from any device in any location. Many of today’s modern software solutions are cloud-based - this allows you to access the same data on your phone as you would on your PC.  This guide offers more tips for migrating your data to the cloud

Adopt a VoIP phone system

When it comes to receiving business calls on the go, it could be worth looking into VoIP phone solutions for small business. This involves using a cloud-based number to receive calls - this can be answered from any device whether it be a PC or smartphone, providing that you have internet connection. By being able to answer the same number from multiple devices in any location, you have freedom to answer business calls practically anywhere.

Look into portable internet solutions

Having an internet connection on the go is also important. You may not always be able to rely on public wi-fi. This is where portable wi-fi comes in use - this allows you to enjoy your own private internet connection on the go. Some modern cars are fitted with portable wi-fi. Alternatively, you can buy yourself a portable router to take with you. Public wi-fi may sometimes be the strongest option if you’re in a coffee bar or a library - when logging onto such wi-fi, always use a VPN in order to keep your network secure.

Keep devices charged with a portable charger

On top of making sure that your devices are always connected to the internet, you’ll want to make sure that they always have enough battery. While you may be able to access plug sockets when working from certain locations, you may not always have this luxury. Carrying around a portable charging station allows you to keep all your devices powered up. Portable chargers come in all forms - there are bags and suitcases with in-built portable chargers and even solar portable chargers for use in very remote locations. Consider which type of portable charging station is most practical for you.

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