The holidays are upon us, and while this is generally an exciting, loving, family-filled time for people working a traditional 9 to 5, the holiday season can mean something entirely different for an entrepreneur. For business owners, you have to figure out a way to balance your family and your business without letting either go underwater.

This can easily cause utter exhaustion. 


Answering emails while cooking green beans. Keeping up with business projects while wrapping presents and decorating the Christmas tree. It’s altogether too easy to become overwhelmed, cranky, and ultimately exhausted by all the family and business tasks at hand.

So how do you balance your business and the holidays without dropping the ball for either?

Check out these 4 Tips for Balancing Business and the Holidays

1. Make Your Business as Lifestyle-Friendly as Possible

Balancing your business and the holidays well depends on your willingness to balance your business and your life well. The secret here is making sure your business is compatible with the lifestyle you want to live.

This might mean something different for different people, different preferences, and different businesses, but for many situations it means making sure you can bring your business wherever you go. Configuring your business so you can work from the comfort of your own home or from Wi-Fi signals so you don’t have to be at the office in order to complete it will save you a great deal of stress and headache.

Achieving a work/life balance might also mean having boundaries set in stone, such as no work after 5pm, on weekends, or on holidays. Set the expectations clear for yourself, your family, and your clients and then stick to them, even if you’re losing a couple of days per week during the holiday season. 

2. Make Sure You Are Generating a Passive Income

If you can’t figure out a way to make money while you sleep, then you will always need to work. This is an exhausting, never-ending uphill climb that could easily be remedied with a few smart fixes. Find ways to automate aspects of your business so you can generate an income without having to physically be working 100% of the time.

In most cases, this means selling classes or products on your website, orders that are automatically fulfilled and don’t require action on your part to earn money. Be it an E-book, deep-dive course, or physical product, finding a means of generating a passive income will give you so much more freedom and peace of mind during the holiday season.

3. Plan Ahead and Prioritize

You know the holidays are coming well before they get here. While you can’t predict everything, you can plan ahead for most things. Identify what needs to be done before the holidays and prioritize these tasks, then act on them accordingly.

Get everything taken care of that can be taken care of ahead of time. Do as much as you can to set yourself up for success on the other side of the holidays. Set your plan so well so that, once it’s complete, you can allow yourself a peaceful, restful holiday. 

4. Avoid Stressing Needlessly

Things aren’t going to go as flawlessly as you may want them to. You obviously want a perfect balance between your life and your business, to thoroughly enjoy your family and the holidays but also to keep your business working optimally. Unfortunately, that’s probably not going to happen… but it’s okay. Enjoy the season anyway.

Your business will survive a couple of days without you working 100%, just like your family might need to survive you answering a couple of late emails here and there. Spend some time with your family and friends anyway. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. You might come to realize that a small bit of time away from your business allows you to recharge, restore, and  come back to work better than ever!

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Have a great week!