The end of the first quarter is nearing and maybe you failed to meet your goals. You’re feeling disappointed, and a little overwhelmed, but it’s important to remember that just because you failed at a goal in no way means you’re a failure.

It means something went wrong.


You might need to change your strategies.

It’s possible you need a new approach.

A failed goal doesn’t mean your business is failing or you’re incapable, but it does mean you need to change the way you do things and try again. Believe it or not, failure is often what catapults people into success!

Think about it. If Walt Disney had never been fired from his job as a newspaper editor (due to his lack of imagination), then Mickey Mouse and Disney would never have become what we know it to be today. If Steve Jobs had never been fired, he would never have purchased Pixar and revolutionized Apple after returning to the company. If Colonel Sanders’ restaurant had never failed, then there would never have been KFC. Failure opens the door to new opportunities.

Rather than fearing failure or allowing it to crush you, welcome it and then learn from it. Understand that it’s part of the journey, a necessary experience before you’ll be able to achieve your greatest success.

So here are 4 things to do now to kick the failure-blues:

1. Complete a post-mortem so you can properly learn from your experiences

A post-mortem is simply an analysis or discussion of an event soon after that event has occurred, mainly to determine why that event was a failure. If you’ve failed to achieve what you set out to do, it’s a sign that something went wrong! Similar to how a doctor will examine a patient who is seriously ill, examine your failed goal to figure out what exactly went wrong.

2. Take some time away

Failure often causes a lot of emotions, many of which make it harder to continue to do things. More importantly, they often block the ability to do things well. If you’re only able to think about your failure, then you won’t be able to make forward progress and will likely end up making the situation worse. So, take some time away! Do something different. Clear your mind. Start thinking about the big picture and don’t let yourself be stuck in the rotation of failed thoughts.

3. Pose honest questions, learn from other experts, and reignite your desire

Is what I’m doing enough to generate the results I want? How are other experts in my field doing it? Why do I want to do what I’m doing? Sometimes when we fail, we just need to take a step back, get our head out of the sand, and look around. Don’t be afraid to question your strategies, methods, or product. Learn from credible sources, peers, and experts. Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, what the real goal is, and why you love what you love. Help yourself refocus by questioning things brutally, learning abundantly, and regaining your passion.

4. Restart!

So, you’ve failed at a goal, but now it’s time to start again! Reboot and restart with a fresh goal, fresh strategies, and fresh inspiration. Remember that failure doesn’t define you. Rather, it’s a learning opportunity to improve you and your business by offering you experience and challenges. Believe in your ability to succeed, work hard, and learn from failure.

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Have a great week!


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