Now that your opt-in form is set up, it’s time to begin driving traffic to your offer. Since most people are using social media anyway, let’s start driving traffic to your offer by using the most popular social media platform available – Facebook.

As long as you have a Facebook account, you can use these tips. Of course, the more active you are on Facebook, the better results you will see from using the platform. If you aren’t as active as you would like to be, building your list can be the impetus to kick start your efforts!

There are a couple of ways to use Facebook as part of your list building efforts.

Option 1: Set Up An Opt-in Tab On Your Facebook Page

Your Facebook fan page is designed to support your list building efforts. You can invite your fans to sign up for your list directly within the Facebook platform by embedding your opt-in form as a tab on your page. Most email marketing services will give you the option to do so.

If you’re not sure whether or not your email marketing service offers this as an option, you can look up “Facebook page” or “Facebook integration” in your service’s help section to find the tutorial.

The process to integrate your email service with Facebook is pretty straightforward:

  1. Create an opt-in form within your email marketing service provider platform.
  2. Login to Facebook, go to your page and add the service provider’s app to your page.
  3. Then, from the Facebook app, you will login to your email service account, select the list you want to use, select the opt-in form you want to display, and activate.

This is roughly the process for most email marketing services. Now you can have Facebook fans sign up for your list directly within the platform.

Option 2: Promote Your Lead Magnet In Your Facebook Posts

A second option to use Facebook in your list building efforts is to post about your freebie and your list on a regular basis. When posting about your lead magnet, be sure to include a link where people can sign up.

You can post about your lead magnet anywhere on Facebook. The trick is to come from a place of value and not look like a spammer. If you want to promote your list in Facebook posts, demonstrate the value you provide in your offer and your regular newsletter communications.

For example, instead of creating a post with the title of your freebie and a link, you can provide a valuable tip from your freebie, along with the offer to join your list. You can also post about the types of content you regularly share in your newsletters, to demonstrate the benefits of joining your list for your fans.

Since you can only embed an opt-in form on your Facebook page, you can sprinkle these posts throughout your regular posts on Facebook. Since your audience is already on Facebook, go to the people, meet them where they are already, and drive them to your website and opt-in page.