A little off topic here, but I’ve always been in awe of those people who can journey into the woods, pitch a tent, start a fire and spend a blissful night under the stars camping, conversing, and sharing stories.

I bring up the whole camping thing because it reminded me of something I wanted to chat with you about today.

In my previous post I shared my most important piece of advice with business owners looking to create a summit:

You’ll never build a warmer list in your life.

This week I want to take it a bit further and show you exactly how this plays out in real-life.

So gather around my digital campfire as I tell you the tale of two virtual summits

Not so long ago, in the land of online business, an entrepreneur wanted to run a virtual summit as something fun and informative for their audience.

They worked hard gathering together the top leaders in their industry to interview, delegating the backend support, interviewing speakers, and promoting the event by broadcasting the details through social media and email.

When it was all said and done, this entrepreneur ended up with over 300 people on their list.

Now to you and me, that may not seem like many people. But this entrepreneur was thrilled with her results. After all, this was all for fun.

As a matter of fact, the average minimum number of subscribers my clients get on their list after a summit is typically 2,000 warm subscribers.

But after the summit, this person did something vital and super important — they kept the momentum from the summit going and continued to show up for their email list, nurtured them and eventually made over $600,000 that year (yes, that’s over half a million dollars).

Our next tale leads us to another entrepreneur. This person did the same thing as our last entrepreneur, gathered together industry leaders, promoted the event through social media, and delegated tasks to the right people.

But once the summit was over, they had a list of 3,000 new warm subscribers on their email list and when it was time to promote their program, they ghosted their list and didn’t follow up with their audience.

The result? No sales and a now cold audience.

So what was the difference?

This entrepreneur didn’t follow up with their audience after their summit — instead they were banking on their list size.

A huge no-no in my book.

You see, the result of the work you put into your summit pays dividends. Not only are thousands of new people introduced to your brand. You also end up with a piping warm list that’ll light up any campfire for days.

Speaking of campfires, I’m going to put mine out and get back to work on a few things I have coming down the pipeline for you.

Chat soon,


P.S.: I’m taking all of my knowledge and putting it into a program that I’ll be releasing this Fall, that’ll help you plan, organize and flawlessly execute your own virtual summit. Click here, and I’ll add your name to the waitlist!