Our world is filled with distractions, more than ever before with constant access to an internet overflowing with news, information, and entertainment. It’s so easy to get lost on a rabbit trail of information or to find a reason to be discouraged and unmotivated. Having the mental determination to remain focused and motivated is crucial!

Here are five tips to get yourself focused, stay motivated, and watch as your productivity and profits increase!

Boost Your Productivity and Profits With These 5 Ways to Get Focused

1. Learn From Others; Don’t Compare

Comparison is the thief of joy. When you find yourself studying how to be better at your craft, learning new ways to market yourself, or simply trying to build your brand, free yourself to learn from other people in your field but never let yourself compare your world to theirs. Don’t look at how many customers or clients they have, how much money they make, or how many likes their social posts get and compare that to what you get! Learn how they got to where they are! Learn what they do to be so accomplished. Learn how they stay motivated. Focus on being inspired by their success and not discouraged that yours might be different.

2. Don’t Assume That Money Will Always Be Motivation

Towards the beginning of your business or even while you might be financially struggling, it’s easy to think that the profits you could bring in will be motivating enough to work through anything. Unfortunately, this way of thinking quickly drags. If money is your only motivator, then it’s the only way you’ll be able to measure your productivity. If a day, week, or month goes by without you meeting your monetary goals, you’ll easily lose focus. Look at the whole picture and focus on all the things it takes to get there.

3. Get Organized!

One of the easiest ways to lose focus and motivation (and consequently see your productivity spiral) is to be disorganized. Keep your tasks organized and scheduled. Keep your calendar clear and understandable. Organize your processes so they’re as simple and fluid as possible. Good organization will help you save time, effort, and money, which will all work to help you stay focused and less stressed!

4. Set Your Own Goals; Don’t Copy Someone Else’s

This might sound like a no-brainer, but you should really consider it. Set goals that you want to achieve, not just because you heard someone else say it was important. Don’t decide where you’re going based off of what you “should” do, but rather where you want to be. If your goals are inspiring and desirable to you, then you will be so much more motivated to focus on them and work towards them!

5. Surround Yourself With Likeminded People

While you shouldn’t discard old, valuable friendships, you should make sure you have a solid community of people who believe in and support what you’re doing. They should challenge you and inspire you to do better and improve at your trade. They should help you regain focus when you lose it, just as you should help them focus when they’re distracted or stressed. Motivate each other. Grow together. Don’t settle for a lifestyle that’s keeping you distracted and unmotivated.