2020 has surely been a wild ride for most of us if not all. It probably threw all of us off our game at some point or another. On the one hand, it’s hard to believe we’re approaching the year’s final quarter; on the other, it can’t come soon enough.

No matter what complications, challenges, or struggles you and your business have encountered this year, it’s still possible to wrap up the next few months in a way that will benefit your business and set you up for success. All you need is a proper plan, a clear understanding for how to follow through, and the trust that your business is worth it.

Here are my 5 Tips for Finishing the Final Quarter Strong

1. Learn from the Past

This might be a strange year to look back and try to learn from, but there’s always something you can measure to help you prepare better for the future. For businesses to create success moving forward, business owners must be willing to look back and note things that didn’t work out, could be done better, or those that were a huge success. So, what goals did you have this past quarter? What worked and what didn’t? Are there strategies that could be duplicated, or do they need adjustments?

2. Set Your Goals

Once you have some clarity of what’s worked before and what hasn’t, goal setting is key. Goals drive your business. As 2020 clearly shows, you never really know what life will throw at you and your business, and you never know how your goals might change, but that shouldn’t keep you from setting objectives and pushing after them.

Take some time to really think about your goals for this last quarter. Where do you want your business to be? How do you want it to maintain or grow? What do you want to see more of or less of? Don’t make it too complicated, but feel free to stretch yourself. Once you have some, break the big goals into smaller, bite-sized goals you can work on weekly or even daily. Then focus on accomplishing those smaller pieces.

3. Get Some Accountability and Actually do the Work

It’s way too easy to decide what you want, set some goals, and determine a plan for how you’ll accomplish everything… and then let that organization sit in a drawer somewhere while you distract yourself with other things. Don’t let disorganization and lack of prioritization keep you and your business from having a killer final quarter. Instead, find a buddy who you can talk to who will keep you accountable.
This can be a friend, a business associate, a mentor, or even a coach. Tell them your goals. Let them remind you of the direction you want to go. They might end up being what helps you get unstuck during your most unmotivated, uninspired moments.

4. Give Yourself Grace and Balance

You can’t possibly work or be business motivated all day, every day, for the rest of the year. That’s okay. There are going to be times when your body needs rest, when your business lags, or when you need to take a step away for family, social activities, exercise, or other rejuvenating opportunities. Make room for these respites. Embrace them. By allowing yourself to rest and enjoy other things, you’ll find yourself better able to handle what your business needs you to handle and push through the hard work ahead.

5. Relax and Enjoy!

Seriously. You’ve learned from the past, set your goals, are doing the hard work, and you’re making progress. Don’t forget to enjoy where you are. You’re a business owner who’s making their way through one of the craziest years yet and that’s something to be proud of!

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