There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love to plan, and those who don’t.

Which one are you??

The thing I’ve learned about people who hate to plan is that most of them don’t actually hate planning…they just never learned how to plan effectively!

Once you figure out how to plan in a way that works for you and that improves your business (and your life), it will completely change the way you run the day-to-day operations of your business.

Not only that…but it will seriously increase your productivity (and your profit!!), and you’ll be able to work LESS and get MORE done!

Isn’t that why most of us wanted to be entrepreneurs in the first place?

So, what’s the secret to effective planning in life and business?

I’m going to drop 6 of my top tips for becoming more effective below, as well as offer you a spot in my exclusive 12-Month Marketing Plan Training! If you’re serious about scaling up your business and improving both profit and productivity, this is for you.

Without further delay…6 Tips On How to be More Effective & Super-boost Your Productivity!

  1. Build effective routines to help you get working. i.e., when you wake up, exercise, and then have a filling breakfast and your favorite coffee at your desk. Take regular breaks throughout the day when focus wanes. Stay hydrated. Personally it’s easier for me to focus when I’m drinking water as opposed to any other beverage.
  2. Measure your day’s productivity by results, not time.
  3. Every night, write your to-do list for the following day. Decide ONE thing that absolutely must get done tomorrow. Then choose the next two most important things (only two!).
  4. When you start work in the morning, work on your ONE important task without distraction until completion. Then work on your next two tasks. If you still have time to keep going down your list, great! If not, you got the most important things done for the day and can rest easy.
  5. Identify time-suckers. i.e. scrolling social media, watching YouTube, binge-watching Netflix. Set boundaries around your time-suckers. Deprivation is not necessary but set up good rules for yourself so they don’t waste your time. For example, delete social apps off your phone and only view them on desktop and try to watch Netflix on the weekends only etc.
  6. Schedule a stop-time for each day. If you want to only work four days a week, great! Block off your schedule Friday-Sunday and be firm about saying no to commitments and project deadlines. If you don’t want to work past 3pm, make that your habitual stop time.

These six tips have really improved my business, and also left me more free time to spend with my family and doing things I love.

Do you keep making plans for your business that crash and burn? Do you keep trying new strategies and methods only to end up overwhelmed and underachieved? I hear you! I’ve created a 12 Month Marketing Plan to help you build a profitable business while not getting overwhelmed by the details!

This affordable course includes 4 straight-forward modules to help you:

  • Work smarter, not harder
  • Plan effective, profitable programs
  • Create successful promotions on social media and other platforms
  • Plan early in order to maximize earnings
  • Fix any leaks in your current marketing strategy
  • Free up your time by increasing efficiency
  • Decrease stress and overwhelm
  • Increase empowerment
  • …and more!

YES! I Want To Optimize My Business With A 12 Month Marketing Strategy!

Have a great week!

Robyn Bennett


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