Virtual Summit

Support & Coordination

Virtual Summit

Support & Coordination

Are you looking for support for your Virtual Summit?

Does this sound familiar?

This is your first Virtual Summit and it feels overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start or what your next steps are?

Or maybe you’ve already hosted a virtual summit and you know all the benefits, but you know that you can’t do it alone.

Well, you’re in the right place… I can help you plan virtual summit for maximum effectiveness no matter if it’s your first or fifth.

What makes my virtual summit services different?

  • I have coordinated approximately 300 Virtual Summits
  • I have learned what clients need during this stage of their business development, from creating an organized system to a checklist for each stage of your virtual summit.
  • I can help you find potential experts for your summits and lots more…
  • I make sure everything is running smoothly on the backend which allows you to live with less stress during the Virtual Summit process.
  • I care about my clients and their success.
  • My goal is to help you launch a Virtual Summit that will help grow your business and your income.

My Virtual Summit Solutions

I created these packages, specifically with your needs in mind to help you grow your list so you can start growing your online business and start earning an income.

Choose one of the 3 Packages below for Your Virtual Summit Needs


Complete Support
Organized Step-by-Step Virtual Summit System
Speaker Management and Follow-up
Create All Landing Pages
Set Up Autoresponders
Complete Backend Support!
and more…


Complete Speaker Management System
Complete Backend Support
and more…


Create All Landing Pages
Set Up Autoresponders
Complete Backend Support
and more…



>>Lifetime Client Right Here<< 

Robyn and I are currently working on my very first summit that’s about to launch soon. I had no idea what I got myself into when I decided to put together a virtual summit. IT IS A LOT OF WORK! Thank GOD I found Robyn! She is an answered prayer! She has EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE and LEADERSHIP skills that sets her apart from the rest! She treats your project as if it was her own brainchild and does her best to ensure everything goes smoothly as much as possible. Her energy and communication make me feel that she wants my summit to be successful just as much as I do. These summits are a lot of work but Robyn takes the stress away! I’ve been referring her like crazy to my friends! I know I’ll be doing more projects like this in the future and I found my Tech Queen right here! She’s mastered her craft. 

Thank you for your efforts, Robyn! 
Love, Paje Rey
Paje Rey

Christian Entrepreneur Movement

Meet Some Happy and Awesome Clients!

Online summits are a huge endeavor. I’ve been hosting online summits since 2013, and have worked with various assistants and teams over the years, experiencing a range of proficient support to a complete breakdown of systems (it was a huge expensive mess). Trust me - who you choose to support your online event can make or break it!

This year, I was thrilled: Robyn was the behind-the-scenes coordinator and I couldn’t be happier at her level of support. It was clearly my best and easiest experience hosting a summit! Her and her team provided a seamless experience for my speakers and audience. I am brimming with ideas, and Robyn helped me strategize, optimize, and implement the best ideas for the launch. Robyn’s dedication, technical expertise, and ease of working together was unparalleled. She went out of her way time after time, made herself available after hours, coming up with solutions, finding ways, and generally being Super Woman.

One of my speakers said, “Marcie is super thorough and did an excellent job running her summit. Best execution of a summit that I’ve seen.” This is a direct reflection on Robyn! If you are hosting a summit (or run an online business), choosing Robyn will undoubtedly be your best decision!

Marcie Peters

CHHC, The Age Backward Mentor

I found Robyn as I was embarking on my first telesummit and I am so thankful every day that I did!

She is not only a fantastically efficient technology queen (and she really is!) - but she has been so kind and reassuring at times when I felt swamped with work and wondering why I took on such a huge project.
Robyn is really a champion for the people she works with - she genuinely wants you to succeed and she also gives invaluable advice on what to avoid, what to include and how you can save money doing all of that too!
Robyn is my virtual fairy godmother and I literally could not have pulled off my online events without her. She goes above and beyond her call of duty for her clients. She is a true gem and anyone would be lucky to have her by their side.
Claire Brett

Fertility Coach, Fertility Footsteps

I consider Robyn Bennett not only an exceptional marketing coach professional, but also an extraordinary emotionally and spiritually supportive friend.

She helped me put together a wonderfully successful 10 day telesummit in March, 2016, I wouldn’t be with my Family Healing Ministry, “The Family Center For The Sacred Heart”, its current  and future evolutionary success, if it weren’t for Robyn’s excellent marketing guidance, her timely completion of inspired projects, and her steadfast friendship.

Your life will dramatically change for the better if you choose to work with Robyn. My present life is a testament to that reality. So go for it!!

Michael Tibbetts, M.S.

Founder & Chief Inspirational Officer, My Family Healer

Robyn Bennett has more than helped me put together my first telesummit. Without her I would have been lost. She had useful advice to give me when I was in doubt, always ready with a solution to even the trickiest of problems, up to date with the details and keeping an overview of everything at all the stages of the summit. Apart from her professionalism, I would also like to pay tribute to her constant positive outlook and attitude when relating with customers. Before, during and after the summit, I could just concentrate on content without ever worrying if things would be ready, if they would work or if there would be extra costs. Indeed, she proved to be the Rolls Royce of a telesummit tech person, or, as she so aptly puts it, the queen of technology. I can only highly recommend her if you want a hassle-free summit where you can concentrate on content and still get your nights’ sleep.

Katrine Horn

Katrine Horn

Katrine Horn Coaching

Robyn supported me with my Telesummit and I can’t speak highly enough of her VA services. First of all, she brings experience. She has been doing administrative and tech support for decades and it shows. She knows the ins and outs, what works, what doesn’t – and she kindly shares her information with you, yet supports you in creating exactly what you want. What expresses me mostly about Robyn is her impeccable integrity and kindness. You know that she is there for you when you need her, she has a quick turn around rate, is flexible and because of her great ability to communicate, you feel genuinely supported. I highly recommend her services.

Inga Michaelsen

Leadership Training & high-impact coaching for Social Entrepreneurs, Inga Michaelsen

I interviewed several people before hiring Robyn as a virtual assistant to support me in creating my first telesummit. Robyn stood out as someone who truly knew her business! She supported me with each step and anticipated the next. Robyn has had so much experience with “midwifing” many telesummits that she could give me more up-to-date, accurate information than my business coach. Robyn stepped in during emergencies, had great solutions for unexpected events, and gave me exceptional support along the way. She also has the expertise to support you in moving beyond the telesummit and building on that success to grow your business. Robyn truly is a technology queen!
Blessings, Judith
Dr. Judith Boice

ND, LAc, FABNO, Dr. Judith Boice

Robyn’s comforting nature and experience really helped me as a first timer throughout my summit.  For the newcomer, she anticipates what you need and gets it done quickly. For the experienced shes, a team player and will help you bring your vision to fruition.
If you are looking for insightful and experienced tech support, I highly recommend The technology queen.
You wont be disappointed.
De'Shante' Grant

Coach, Society of Creative Minds

Robyn truly is The Technology Queen.  And technology is only the beginning of what you get when you work with Robyn.  I started working with Robyn, developing an on line presence for my business.  I had a million ideas, but very little knowledge of how to implement them.  Robyn brought the know-how for implementation as well as years of experience to advise me on best practices and how to avoid making costly mistakes. Robyn expertly guides while leaving the decisions where they belong, with the client.   Robyn and her team have become an extension of my company, contributing to a very professional image.  I love calling Robyn with a new idea and hearing her say “Of course we can do that”!

Cyndi Lynne

Integrative Life Coach, Cyndi Lynne

Robyn has a very good understanding of technology and the options that might be best for someones particular business. She shares her expertise by offering alternatives, options and pros/cons to any given situation or choice always keeping my best interest at heart. She is efficient with, and honest about, her time. She is also a sweetheart and good listener which counts when you have a lot going on. I always look forward to our weekly calls! Robyn is also very knowledgeable and experienced with telesummits, making the process very smooth.
Love & Light,
Wendy ♥
Wendy Collier

SoulFUEL™ Business & Freedom Mentor, Wendy Collier

When I hired Robyn, the Technology Queen, I had no idea I’d be gaining, not only tremendous support for my very first tele-summit, but also a coach and trusted confident. This woman knows her technology and all the ins and outs of creating a successful summit.  Robyn is an extremely competent and professional visual assistant, and will do exactly what you request when you request it. But she’s more than that. All you need to do is ask and she will share with you her wealth of knowledge and experience garnered from having supported coaches through over 150 tele summits. And beyond…I’m very fortunate to have been able to acquire Robyn as my personal and trusted VA. I don’t want to think what I’d do without her. Thank you Robyn and her team.
Bryn Williams

Gearing up for LOVE Coach, Bryn Williams Worldwide

I love working with Robyn. She makes my work life so much easier. For all of my tech needs and back-end needs, Robyn’s work is flawless. I started working with Robyn when I launched a Telesummit earlier this year, and it went off with flying colors. Robyn is responsive, professional, and kind. She is there in a pinch, and carries her own wisdom that I have relied on many times! I have recommended her to friends and colleagues who have hired her, and recommend her again here. Thank you Robyn, for being excellent at what you do.

Samantha Ibarguen

Energy healer, speaker, writer, Integrated Wellness

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing technical support which made all the difference to my Creative Goddess Telesummit. No job was too small or too big for you to take on and produce a beautifully presented and first class telesummit.

You held my hand and walked me through the technical maze which gave me great reassurance.

There is no question why you are called the Technology Queen. I’ve also added my own name for you- The Tech Wizard.

It’s also been a pleasure getting to know you and I’d like to consider you as one of my friends. The service you offer is warm and friendly

Hoping to do more business with you in future

Love and best wishes xx

Neema Kambona

Diversity Magazine

Robyn held my hand throughout the summit process. I didn’t know all the ins and outs behind setting up a telesummit, but I never worried because Robyn knows her stuff! The site looks amazing and I couldn’t have done it without her, I know that!
Claire Geddes

Claire Geddes

Robyn Bennett is a gifted Digital Virtual Assistant Queen for coaches, authors, and speakers online who want to hire someone who pulls through from front to finish line and who keeps her positive batteries charged, even when your batteries are running low. Robyn is a initiator who self teaches, figures things out and is going to be your secret weapon for autoresponders, software programs, digital systems and she even has developed interview skills to make you look like the expert you are. Robyn has assisted me with three of my telesummits and has creative and timely work. I highly recommend her.
Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, PhD

Coaching Flow Success Ltd.

Robyn has been my VA since June 2017.  She has proven to be invaluable to me!  She has been more than a VA for me.  She has taken time to coach, yes I would call it coach, me through the steps needed for producing a telesummit, 3-part video series, webinar…all of which were free of charge, before launching my fee-based training program.

She has been very responsive to my many questions, and I have enjoyed brainstorming with her on ways to approach certain aspects of the programs I have produced.

When I was looking for a VA, I interviewed 5 lovely people, and I picked Robyn, not because she was the least expensive – because she was not, but because I felt comfort in knowing how experienced she is, I knew I was in knowledgeable and experienced hands.

An added bonus that is invaluable to me is that I feel she truly believes in the work I do and is emotionally supportive.  You can’t ask for more than that!

Tina Ketchie Stearns

Advanced Care Planning Coach, It's About How You Live

Robyn is definitely “The Technology Queen!” She did an amazing job on my launch and I could not be happier.

I received nothing but good feedback from any expert I had join my series and my entire audience was impressed with the look, layout and organization of my site and emails they received.

The stress of launching my first online series melted away the minute I hired Robyn and her amazing team. They got things organized and streamlined in a very short period of time!

Thank you Robyn. You are the best VA I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Dr. Nichole Teering

Sports Specific Nutritionist, New Path Health

My story

My story

I’m Robyn Bennett, Expert Virtual Summit Coordinator and Tech Savvy Virtual Assistant.

I have always had a passion for technology from that first moment I sat in front of a computer.  I started working online in 2005 editing videos and creating photo montages for families, however, it wasn’t until 2013 when I joined a coaching program that my life and business really turned around.

One of the first tasks my mentor had me do was host my own online Summit. While putting my virtual summit together, I was thoroughly enjoying the process along with the ins and outs of coordinating such an event.  After some thought, I decided to follow my true passion and become a tech savvy virtual assistant with a focus on virtual summits.

Within the first year I had coordinated over 10 summits I started doing more and more while recognizing the different needs of clients as they tried to navigate creating their virtual summits and building their list.

As time went by, I was being recognized for my expertise in the field and that’s where I started putting together a system that would help clients with all aspects of their Virtual Summit.