5 benefits of rest and a personal story

It’s that time of year where I’ve been trying to regroup, get focused and concentrate on my goals for the last quarter of the year. I’ve been blessed to spend the last year working on some incredible launches for clients; from telesummits, to creating sales funnels, to course and membership launches, the list goes on, it’s been a fun but busy time.

So I took a break from writing, tried to get in as much rest as I could during this busy period in my business. I managed to average 7.5 hours of sleep a night, which was incredible as I used to average 6 hours a night, one of the benefits of quality sleep for me was how much clearer my thinking got, decisions were easier to make, issues were easier solved.

I was set to post last week about the many benefits of rest when my family had been hit hard with a tragedy. I come from a big and close-knit family and this past Canadian Thanksgiving my cousin Jay and his wife Jen were in a fatal car crash. Jay was seriously injured, there were times we didn’t think he’d make it, but as of this writing he’s in stable condition. Jen tragically didn’t make it. This has hit my family hard, we’re in shock and in pain at the loss of someone we loved dearly.  The accident was not their fault, someone drove head on into their pickup truck trying to pass another vehicle (the driver of the other car didn’t make it either). So we’re all in mourning, trying to be there for Jay and their 2 teenage children and doing the best we can. All prayers are welcome.

As a result, this past week I found myself needing space from my regular routine. While work and goal-chasing are important, it’s also important to allow yourself the time and space to get the rest you need. Yet, we so rarely offer ourselves an appropriate amount of time to relax since we’re so preoccupied doing other things! This isn’t a sustainable long-term solution.

Think about it. When your cell phone runs low, you plug it in to recharge. If you stop using it and let it be to charge, it will recharge even faster. While you can’t literally plug yourself into a charging device, your mind and body also need time to rest and recharge. In fact, this is so important for your body, that there are noticeable physical benefits to getting the rest you need!

If you’re looking for motivation to get the rest your body and mind need, here are five benefits for you to consider:

1. Reduces Stress

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), stress levels at work are higher than ever. Additionally, a CDC publication suggests that “health care expenditures are nearly 50% greater for workers who report high levels of stress.” Excess stress can cause issues for your mind and body, but also for your work! Stress keeps you flustered, distracted, and worried, which is exhausting and prohibits you from performing as well at your business tasks as you’re capable. By allowing yourself the time to get an appropriate amount of rest, you’re helping your body de-stress, which, in turn, helps you stay healthier and more productive!

2. Boosts Immune System

Adequate rest is also linked to a boost in your immune system. Chronic stress greatly suppresses your immune system, making it much easier for you to succumb to illnesses and diseases. Rest helps you prevent this! Adequate sleep is one of the key things necessary to boosting your immune system!

3. Time Away from Work Restores Mental Energy

This might be something you’ve noticed from personal experience if you’ve ever gotten a solid vacation. Allowing yourself to detach from your work during your time off decreases your exhaustion. It helps you become more resilient in the face of stressful work conditions, and it also helps restore your mental energy! A good time of rest will help you renew your balance and inspiration, and you’ll be able to come back even stronger than before!

4. Increases Focus

Not only will getting a solid chunk of rest help you be more creative, inspired, and productive, but it will also greatly increase your ability to focus. According to research, “all work and no play” drastically reduces a person’s ability to focus in the end. Allowing yourself to have regular time off for restorative breaks will noticeably improve your performance!

5. Increases Activity

The idea that rest helps increase your activity might sound impossible. However, lack of appropriate sleep keeps you from doing many of the things you might otherwise be doing! How many times have you considered getting a gym membership, walking in the evenings, or starting up a yoga routine? How many times have you cancelled your plans because you were too tired? By making sure you get the rest you need, you’re body will be better able to get up, get moving, and feel good about it!


We live in a fast-paced world with 24-hour news cycles, immediate email and text message delivery, the ability to Face Time and stay connected all sound glorious, but they’re zapping us of the rest we so desperately need. Everyone is busy and likes to stay busy. What’s worse is there’s a sense of guilt attached to non-busyness. Don’t let that happen to you! Allow yourself the rest you need so that you can accomplish the things you want!

Have an easy week!


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PPS: Author’s note: My cousin Jay did succumb to his injuries and passed away on October 21st, 2019.