The Technology Your Company Might Have Forgotten About

***Contributed Post***

How much technology do you use in your business on a day to day basis? You’ve got the computers you and your staff work at. You’ve got your phones, to keep you entertained whilst on break, and to take and receive all of those oh so important calls. You’ve got the company network servers stored at the back of the office, and you’re constantly having to avoid the wires that feed them. You have a lot of technology on your hands, and you’re very happy for it! But are you missing out on something? 

Your company is one of the future, and it’s one that could have a very long and successful future ahead of it. Of course, as the boss, you’re going to do everything you can to make sure you’ve got profitable years ahead of you – but are there some technological pieces out there you might have forgotten about that could help you out?

Maybe You Need a Company Fleet? 

If you have a company fleet, you have the ability to take your business literally anywhere. You’ll be able to advertise it along the way, considering your brand name and logo are pasted on the side, and you’ll be able to hand off visual representation of your business to any employee who needs to go out of office for the day. 

And with some technology like fleet telematics installed in the dashboard, you can keep perfect track of where your vehicles go and how well they’re being taken care of. You don’t have to invest this much money and just live with the potential of it all going to waste! 

Maybe a VR Headset Could Change Company Meetings? 

Imagine having a conversation with an investor on the other side of the world, say Japan, who seems to be in the exact same room as you. You know they’re not of course, but they’re right in front of you, sitting at a desk chair just opposite you, and there’s no laptop screen or webcam in-between. 

That is the power of virtual reality in the workplace. More and more companies are taking on mantels like this, seeing as VR can change the length and availability of company meetings, completely removing the need to block out a week or so of business travel, and add a lot more value to the inventory of a business. VR isn’t just something video gamers use – it’s a modern office tool, and one that can be used for marketing as well. 

It’s an important point to mention here. Imagine you offer some kind of driving or flight experience, but that experience is hard to show off when you’re on a trade show floor. Hand a customer a headset and let them live the experience in real time right in front of you! 

There’s a lot more technology out there for your business than you might think! Look up what’s available in your local market and think about whether they’d be useful to your company.