7 Ways That You Could Be the Workplace Fairy Godmother

7 Ways That You Could Be the Workplace Fairy Godmother

Before you became a business owner, you worked in an office five days a week and always wanted somebody to look out for you. You never felt as if you were being cared for and listened to as much as you had wanted. If you are feeling lost in your biz it might be because your employees or staff members aren’t feeling valued enough. Their motivation levels are going to have a huge impact on the productivity of your entire business. This is why it is essential to look after them as well as you can. Whether you are a top boss of a firm, the owner of a small business or a manager in charge of a small team, you could easily be the workplace fairy godmother and make other people’s lives better. If this sounds like something you want to try, then it can be easily done using seven simple techniques. You should start by putting others before yourself and listening to people’s day to day problems. Sometimes all they need is calm, collected listening ear to make their issue feel heard. Check out these workplace fairy godmother methods and wave your magic wand for your colleagues now.

  1. Have Your Employees Best Interests at Heart

Always seek out new ways to look after the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees. You should consider an employee assist programme, whereby a confidential and compassionate support network is ready to help people every single day of the week, no matter what time it is. From cognitive behavioural therapy to legal advice, keep their best interests in mind at all times.

  1. Always Listen When Someone is Speaking

No matter how busy you are or how silly somebody’s idea is, it is really important to show other people that you value what they have to say. It’s not about stroking egos or leading people on; it’s about common courtesy and making sure people have the chance to express their thoughts at work.


  1. Look Out For Those in Need

If you see somebody looking sad or sat on their own in the canteen at lunchtime, be the friend that everybody needs. Perhaps you have noticed somebody struggling with their workload or feeling isolated from the team; offer a helping hand and you might just make somebody’s day a whole lot easier.

  1. Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness

If you can think of one random act of kindness to carry out every day, you will soon earn your crown as the office fairy godmother. Whether you make somebody a cup of tea when their day is full of meetings or you print out their agenda for the day to help them with a busy schedule. Small actions like this will never go unnoticed and you’ll feel great for doing it too!


  1. Be Understanding to People’s Private Lives

Managing a large group of people can be pretty testing at times, but it is important to treat everyone as an individual in their own right. If you can make their lives easier in any way then try to make it happen if you can. It could be anything from an earlier finish on a Friday afternoon to a day off if their child is sick.

  1. Always Be Open and Honest

There are many simple ways that you can be a good boss and one of these traits is honesty. In order to gain the trust of your workers you need to be open and transparent with them at all times. If you have some bad news to tell them, don’t hold it back from them. Honesty will always be the best policy.

  1. Offer Progression Prospects To All

Make sure everybody who works for you knows what their future career path looks like. Be encouraging and supportive of every person who crosses your path and you will earn everybody’s respect instantly. Offer progression and developmental experiences for each member of staff and they will appreciate your efforts.

If you are responsible for several people in your workplace, then try to go above and beyond to make their working lives easier. Just a few simple acts of kindness and a handful of caring gestures could truly transform the entire atmosphere within your place of work. Try to be understanding, empathetic and professional at all times. Everybody will really appreciate the effort you are going to, to look out for their health and well-being. Be the fabulous fairy godmother of your office and you’ll be doing a good deed every single day.

*This is a contributed post.