Getting Taken Seriously Online

Getting Taken Seriously Online

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Making money online is easier than it’s ever been before. The opportunities are also much more varied. There are people making money from their blogs. Others start their own companies online. Some people earn a little pocket money taking surveys and testing websites. Some work as freelancers, spending their time providing their skills and services to others. Some of these people even employ other staff, giving them the same chances to work online with flexibility. This is fantastic. The world of online business is open to everyone, and it gives people a brand-new way to earn money for themselves. But, it also has its disadvantages. 

The wealth of people making money online means that it can be much harder to be taken seriously. You say “blogger” or “online entrepreneur” to some people, and their eyes will roll. They think of all the people that they’ve seen advertising poor products and scams on social media and they fail to realize that there’s a lot more to working online than this. Presenting yourself as a serious business can be the best way to get taken more seriously, helping your business to grow and develop. Here’s how to do it. 

Make Sure Your Website Works 

Do you ever go on to a website only to click away after a few seconds because it hasn’t loaded? Or, try to shop on a mobile site only to find that the store doesn’t work well on a small screen, and you can’t make your purchase? Don’t let your website be one of these. 

See your website as the face of your company. It’s your chance to sell yourself and make a great first impression. But, only if it works well and is easy to use. The first thing that you need to do is audit your site. Check out the test my internet speed page, to make sure your site runs quickly. Then, test it out on a mobile screen to make sure it looks great and works well. Check it for broken links and poor placement, and if you run a store, make sure the checkout process is simple. Then, take a look at your site. Are your fonts easy to read? Are the colors easy to look at? Is it easy to navigate through your menus and sections? Do you have a search box and easy to find social media icons? Go through your website like a customer, making sure it offers a great user experience. 

Change Your User Names 

Are you still using your Hotmail email address from 2004? Are your social media account names silly? If so, you need to change them. You’ll never get taken seriously with daft usernames and email addresses. 

You might want to keep private accounts, as well as business accounts. But, it’s still a good idea to be more professional on your private profiles, as they could get found. 

Change Your Profile Pictures 

Your profile pictures are a big part of the first impression that you are making online. If you want to be taken seriously, get some professional headshots taken and start using them.

Feeling Lost in Your Biz? How To Know What’s Next

Feeling Lost in Your Biz? How To Know What’s Next

If you’ve been in the entrepreneurial world for awhile, then you know it can be easy to feel a little lost sometimes.

Whether you’ve just sold a business and are wondering what to do next, or you’re neck deep in one of your big ideas, being an entrepreneur is a commitment to walking through unknown territory.

What should we do when we feel lost?

I’ve been running my own business for many years now and here are a few things I’ve learned along the road.

You Are You Even Without A Plan

When you have a plan and a path to walk down, you likely feel more confident and self assured. When you are in the “grey area” of not knowing what’s next, that is when you can feel lost or insecure about who you are. But it is important to remember that regardless of the situation you are standing in, you are still you. Whether you just sold a million dollar business or are staring at bankruptcy, your value and worth as an individual are still the same. You are still you, even when you’re “lost”.

The People Around You Validate Or Invalidate Your Identity

Whether we like it or not, the people we spend the most time with are constantly validating or invalidating our identities. It is important to spend time with people who believe in you, who help you be your best, who push you to higher ground and still think you’re amazing even when you are feeling small and unsure. Do you feel supported, respected and loved by the people you spend time with? Do they help to inspire and uplift you?

Look Back On Times When You Felt Confident, Passionate & With Direction

Take some time to reflect on your past and find time periods where you felt driven, confident, passionate and with direction. The things that were going on are not necessarily important, but I want you to remember how you felt during these times in your life. Why did you feel the way you did? What brought the feelings of fulfillment and drive? How can you step back into that version of yourself?

Who Do You Want To Become?

Focus on who it is you want to become. You’ve likely already been on quite the journey in your life. Who do you want to become now? Rather on focusing on what you want to do (which you may or may not know) focus on WHO you want to BE. Then take the road that will lead you there.

All these steps will help you create a new mental model that will move you forward into the next stage of your business and life.