Great Reasons To Give Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are a very popular way to market your brand and gain exposure in the wider world. Many companies create and send out free or paid for gifts to promote a myriad of things. For example, Aldi sells Kevin the carrot toys every year as a celebration of their famous Christmas adverts. If you are thinking about branching into promotional gift giving and aren’t sure if you are making the right decision, let us try and persuade you…

1. Invoke brand loyalty

When building a business and trying to make it successful it is important to think about building an arsenal of loyal followers. This is one of the benefits of sending out promotional gifts from Dynamic Gift as people appreciate companies who invest in items for their audience. By giving a gift to your customer you will make them happy and they will in turn be much more likely to choose you over one of your competitors. It might seem fickle however people are people and this is one of the easiest ways to win over your audience.

2. Build a connection

Offering promotional items can do much more than get your logo out into the world, it can allow you to build a real relationship with your audience. Let’s take an example of this such as KFC. To celebrate the summer KFC created an inflatable pool float shaped like the colonel, and this came complete with a holder for a bucket of chicken. By knowing their audience and what they want, KFC built a clever item that many of their customers will use and enjoy, and therefore build fond memories associated with the brand. By being clever with the items you send, you can build a real life relationship with those who buy from you. This in turn will ensure that they always come to you when in need.

3. Use it to build passion

Another way to make sure that your customers continue to buy from you is to offer products that send a positive message. There are many pressing issues in the world which can be treated, and by creating a product to solve a problem or show that you care, your customers will develop and emotional connection to you and feel passionate about supporting your brand over others. For example, Butterfly Conservation is a trust to support butterflies and moths in the UK, and when they send out monthly magazines, the plastic wrapping is made from biodegradable starches. Instead of throwing away excess plastic you can instead use it to store peelings before placing in the compost bin. This small change to packaging shows the ethical stance of the organisation and will help form an emotional connection to the audience.

4. Reward customers for buying from you

A sure fire way to make sure customers buy your products is to offer them the chance to win something if they shop with you. Mountain Dew is a prime example of this, where back in 2004 they offered customers a chance to collect ‘dew points’ with every purchase, where 500 would allow the customer to receive a limited edition green Xbox. Rewarding your customers by providing tokens or points towards a free product is a great idea and will ensure that people want to buy from you again and again.


*This is a contributed post