A Wild Paper Chase… Do We Still Need Paper In The Business World?

A Wild Paper Chase… Do We Still Need Paper In The Business World?

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While the modern industry is all about pushing forward, whether this is about the Internet of Things, automating specific processes, and generally, getting an industry to self-sustain itself, we may be forgiven for thinking that paper isn’t so essential anymore. For many industries, this is neither here nor there, but for others, paper is still a vital blueprint for communication, competing for work, and generally, getting businesses out there. But with the wind blowing firmly in the opposite direction, such as with various green initiatives, the use of paper is steadily declining. But do we still need paper in the business world? 

It Depends On The Specific Industry

Yes, the environment needs to be at the forefront of our minds, as that little note at the end of most emails will tell you, think about the environment. But, when we are working in a specific industry, where many of the key components are not up to date in terms of how computers work, such as the agricultural industry, it’s important that we rely on paper communication. It’s easy to take it for granted that everybody has a computer now, but this isn’t the case. And you need to think about this in terms of your customers too. While an email is most definitely cheaper and more environmentally friendly, many customers still prefer the paper counterpart. 

Practicality And Process

Each process brings into account so many different areas of a business, and while we can certainly save money by going online, there are going to be aspects where we need paper for ease of practicality. The fact is, a printer in the corner of an office doesn’t gather dust, and the printing industry is still in rude health in many ways, especially as there are so many products, from the basic HP 62 ink cartridges to the complex 3D printers on sale. In many ways, getting a piece of paper is actually quicker for the business than it is to click here, click there, open this file, wait…, etc. 

Is Paper A “Classic” Way To Do Business?

Now, everybody goes online to promote themselves, and in some ways, paper is a relatively alternative method to present information. This does depend on the industry they’re in, while there are so many startups hell-bent on carrying their tablets everywhere with them, there are classic business people who are more responsive to a piece of paper than the screen they can barely see. In this respect, paper is a classic way to do business. And yes, it may be detrimental to the environment, but there are processes you can implement in an office environment to minimize paper, as so many businesses do now. But, when you are working at establishing a relationship with a client, sometimes they just want something they can take away and study. 

Paper is a very tangible way to present something. It’s right there, in front of you, and in many ways, it’s a similar debate as to whether you prefer to read a book in paper form, or on a Kindle. And everybody has their own opinion, but when it comes to the business world, there are still some people out there that prefer the classic approach.

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