Common Telesummit Challenges and How to Overcome Them

When done well, telesummits are incredibly effective at growing email lists, building up brand awareness, networking and creating relationships with other experts in your field, as well as setting yourself up as an expert in your target market’s eyes. For your best chance at success, you must organize and prepare well in advance to do well, which means you must assess the challenges ahead of you and determine strategies to overcome them.

Keep in mind that every telesummit presents its own unexpected challenges, but there are many common telesummit obstacles that you can prepare for ahead of time. Awareness and strategic planning will help you overcome most telesummits challenges.

 3 Telesummit Challenges and Strategies for Overcoming Them

1. Having too little time to plan, prepare, and launch.
Telesummits are a lot of work. One way to make them even harder, however, is to not give yourself enough time to get them done. These virtual events, when done properly, can take three to six months to plan and properly organize, and skimping on the timeline only hurts your event in the end. If you plan far enough in advance, you’ll be able to get the speakers you want since most of them won’t be booked yet, and you’ll also have time to make changes, handle bumps in the road, and properly promote your event! Remember that having more time to plan will always be better than having less time.

2. Trying to handle all the work by yourself.
Did I mention yet that telesummits are a lot of work? Just because you know how to do all the things you need to do to organize your telesummits doesn’t mean that you should, or that you’ll have the time to do them. Hiring a professional telesummit coordinator to help with organizing, planning, and actually launching your event will not only take a lot of the stress off of you, but it will help things run much smoother. Keep in mind that no matter how well you plan and how perfectly you organize, something is going to go wrong somewhere (maybe when you’re at your busiest and most stressed-out!). You will always be happy you had more help and not less.

3. Everything to do with promotions.
In order for your telesummit to be successful, you have to promote it properly. One of the huge benefits of telesummit events, however, is that you have a bunch of speakers eager and willing to promote the event as well! Unless you explain how they should promote your event, however, it’s unlikely that they’ll do it well, but in order to explain the promotional guidelines to your speakers, you have to decide what they will be! You should be promoting your telesummit at least three weeks before it launches, possibly even longer, and you should clearly ask your speakers to do the same. Have your promotional material ready early and share it with your speakers so they know what they’re promoting and how to do it. Remember that more communication is always better than less!

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Yes, Telesummits Can Still Be Profitable. Here’s How!

A lot of people look at telesummits as an outdated business experiment that no longer helps with marketing, networking, or increasing revenue. They couldn’t be farther from the truth! If you’re interested in growing your email list and creating conversions then you should consider hosting a telesummit. These virtual events with a list of qualified speakers, each with their own valuable information to share, could be exactly the kind of event your business needs for it to skyrocket to the next level of success. 


Here are three ways telesummits can help your business increase profits!

3 Ways Telesummits Help Profits

1. Put together the right team

One of the most crucial rules to creating a profitable telesummit is organizing a team of professionals interested in the same target market. That might sound like a conflict of interest, but it will end up giving you access to more potential customers already interested in what you have to offer.

Once you clearly understand your target market, you must pick a topic or theme for your telesummit, something that your target market will already be interested in learning more about. Don’t make this theme too narrow or all of your speakers will talk about the same things; but also don’t make it too broad or it’ll be hard to bring together a cohesive team.

Once you determine your target market and a theme that market is excited about, start gathering experts who can speak on various aspects of that theme.  

2. Make offers throughout the telesummit!

You absolutely do not want your telesummit to be a platform meant for selling your products and services. A telesummit should be a safe place for people to come, watch, and learn information valuable to them and their problems without being sold to every five minutes. That being said, you should tactfully introduce products or services your audience will find valuable.

Offer “learn more” opportunities, provide links where they can purchase helpful products, and offer as much assistance as you can, but don’t make the telesummit about your sales. If you’re too pushy, people won’t connect with you and certainly won’t buy from you. If you’re helpful, then they will engage and eventually buy what they need!

3. Have an email campaign ready to send to your new list of followers!

When you host a telesummit, one of the biggest benefits is the access you get to new emails. As you collect the right speakers, their own audience will opt into your telesummit, giving you access to a vast new collection of emails. These emails represent new people, new customers, and new potential sales for your business if you treat them well.

So before you launch your telesummit, have a smart, helpful email campaign ready to send to this list of telesummit participants for when the telesummit ends. You want these people to remember you, see your products and services, and learn to trust you as an expert. Keep providing valuable information and quality services. Before you know it, you’ll find some new conversions!

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Do you think telesummits are still popular?

Happy New Year! 

Are you excited about this coming year? 

I took some extra time off this past holiday season to recharge my batteries and it did me a lot of good. I had time to relax, spend quality time with family, read a good book (and binge watch When Calls the Heart on Netflix) and of course I took time to plan my business goals for 2019. 


One of the items on my to do list for this year is to host another telesummit. If you’ve never attended or heard of a telesummit before, then think of it like an online conference. There’s usually a theme for the entire summit, meaning that it’s abundantly clear who the conference is for and what the attendees will get from it. This not only helps your desired audience find your telesummit, but it also helps you provide excellent structure.  

For example, an online marketing agency might design a telesummit to talk about different techniques business owners can use to increase sales via strategic online marketing. The telesummit organizer will then find a number of speakers to participate in the summit, all of whom bring their own expertise and advice on the chosen topic, thereby enriching the experience for attendees and making the summit an irresistible buy.  

The organizer usually has a lot of helpful information to share, but by bringing in other experts, you not only network and collaborate, but you also offer a bigger incentive for people to attend your telesummit.  

A telesummit is often scheduled to last between 3 to 10 days with 1 to 5 speakers sharing information each day at predetermined times. All of this must be planned out, carefully organized, accurately scheduled, and properly timed before the summit can begin. 

Sound daunting? There are many details to organize, but with the right support, you can run a successful and effective telesummit to boost your online business! 

Why Host a Telesummit? 
There are a lot of good reasons for hosting a telesummit, but here are just 3 for you to keep in mind:  

Increase Reach & Visibility
This is a great way to reach a lot of people relatively inexpensively and comparatively easily. Think about it this way: there aren’t a lot of ways to reach thousands upon thousands of warm (or even hot) leads all at once, but a telesummit helps you do exactly that. Hosting a telesummit helps you grow your audience, due to the cumulative reach of all the speakers you’ll have involved. Not only that, but if you’ve focused your telesummit properly, then all the people attending your telesummit will actually be interested in the services you provide, making them warm leads looking for your help.

Give Great Value To Your Audience
Your summit will create a lot of value (and you will learn a lot!). With all of the speakers you’ll hopefully invite and all the information they’re bound to share, not only will your audience learn a boatload of golden information, but you’ll most likely learn some new things as well. By getting to know your guest speakers and listening to anything they have to share with your summit audience, you’ll likely come away with many ideas for how you can improve your own business. Not only that, but your audience will come away with such enriching information (which is the real goal here). Never underestimate the benefits of networking and collaborating with other like-minded people or sharing helpful information with a potential customer.

Become A Leader In Your Field
You’re positioning yourself as a leader in your field. By organizing an online conference like this, you’re not only putting yourself in a position where your desired customers see you as a leader, but where businesses much like yours see you as a leader as well. This opens the doors to collaboration opportunities, growing your email lists, growing your customer base, and much, much more. Who wouldn’t want that?

Organizing, scheduling, and making sure everything runs smoothly can be a lot of work, but working with an expert in telesummits can ensure you and your participants have a great experience. 

I have been helping online business owners run successful telesummits (over 200 last count) for over 5 years! If you’re ready to take the leap into this new experience, let’s talk! I’ve opened up some space on my calendar for consultations where we can create a blueprint for your telesummit and see if I’m the right fit for you. 

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