3 Tips To Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

3 Tips To Creating High-Converting Landing Pages

Imagine you’re driving down the freeway and see you a sign that Del Taco is just off the next exit. You remember how hungry you are and decide to pull off to quickly grab a bite.

To your dismay, when you pull off the freeway searching for Del Taco you realize it is inside of a massive mall and to get tacos you would have to park, walk in and search for it… probably taking you a good 15-20 minutes before you get back to your car.

You were hoping for a drive-thru. Do you go in, or turn around and hop back on the freeway? Or zip over to the nearby Taco Bell drive thru that has no wait and is on your way home…

Some people might be loyal enough and hungry enough to go searching for Del Taco. But most people probably would take the easier option and go somewhere with a drive thru.

If the mall could magically take customers to exactly where they wanted to go, they probably would. Unfortunately for them, teleportation hasn’t been invented yet!

Every day, online marketer pay for clicks that send leads into generic website pages, where potential customers are left to figure out how to get where they want to go.

You can bet that a huge percentage of those potential customers click right back out of that website and move on with their lives. Or worse, go straight to competitors who have better landing pages.

When you pay for clicks from specific keywords, it may seem like an easy way to get people onto your website. But when people type something into a search engine they are often asking a specific question and looking for a specific answer.

Which is why they don’t give your website a second glance when they realize you’re not giving them exactly what they want right away.

The Solution? A Dedicated Landing Page.

Here are the most important things to remember when creating a landing page:

  • It should be crafted as an answer to an inquirers question. Provide them with exactly what your ad promised.
  • You should seek traffic from those searching with very specific keywords. For example, if you make artisanal bread for a living, you want to target people who are looking for “where to buy artisanal bread”. This will bring you more targeted leads than keywords like “bread”, “artisan bread”, “cheap artisan bread”, etc.
  • It should be a SINGLE page with only ONE possible action for the reader to take. Don’t let your reader get distracted with other places to click, too much to read, or multiple pages to choose from. Keep it simple and with one goal in mind. This might be purchasing a product, giving them your email, signing up for a webinar, etc. Whatever it is, it should be the only option.

All of these strategies are for conversion rate optimization (CRO) or turning more of your visitors into leads and customers.

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