Are You Spending On Cyber Security Or Just Throwing Money Down The Drain?

Newsflash; cybersecurity is a big deal in modern business. In fact, given that the average data breach can cost even small companies as much as $2k, it’s unsurprising that most managers spend significant amounts on overcoming this setback. Add this to the fact that more than half of small businesses can expect an attack at some stage, and it’s fair to say that this is a pressing priority. 

Sadly, while the risks speak for themselves, only 6 in 10 managers actually protect themselves here, with a shocking 66% of senior decision-makers believing they won’t be targeted. Even if you are taking adequate steps to stop security breaches from happening, you may be leaving yourself open in unexpected ways. 

The fact is that security can be challenging to get right, especially when those risks are unseen and unquantifiable. With that in mind, even managers who do dedicate plenty of their budget to this purpose could soon find themselves chucking money down the drain if they don’t take care of the following issues in-house. 

Security solutions that aren’t comprehensive

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Cybersecurity is unpredictable by nature. As such, spending a fortune on security measures that protect you from just one risk or platform is never going to work well for you. You’ll simply find yourself chucking money at this issue and still facing problems. By instead seeking comprehensive security offerings with continued monitoring like those offered by Syscomm, you could save yourself money and still improve those defences. That’s because an outside company with experience can provide you with all their know-how and equipment for one fixed fee. Even better, they’ll never leave any security stone unturned. 

Internet use with no limitations

During the day, your employees are going to use your business wifi in all manner of ways. This includes work and…well, less professional pursuits. To some extent, the chance to check private email is a perk of the office job, but you should be wary here, too. Even with the best cybersecurity in place, specific websites or email attachments can breach your defences if employees invite them right in. That’s why limitations on certain site access and private purposes can prove so beneficial to your business. With these in place, you’ll be able to rest easy that no one is undermining the money you’re spending here. 

Security plans that stagnate

Let’s say you invested in a cybersecurity package about three or four years ago. So far, so good, and you see no reason to change as a result of that. Sadly, the cyber risks that you’re facing will have evolved a great deal since then, leaving you open to risks despite your outgoings. It’s fair to say, then, that any stagnant security solution is a waste of company money. Instead, you should either seek ever-evolving outsourced security solutions as touched on above, or revisit your approach at least every six months. That way, you can be sure that the security you have in place is the best possible protection available at all times.

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