Little Tricks To Get You Noticed Online

Everyone is trying to get their products and services in front of users online. But with such limited space, being effective is a constant challenge. You might have a great business, but spreading the word is notoriously difficult.

What you need is a trick – something you can use to shoehorn your pages into the line of sight of your target audience – but that doesn’t break the bank. 

Your rivals are becoming more sophisticated in their approach. That doesn’t mean, though, that they’ve exhausted all opportunities. Even small businesses can get the edge with the right know-how.

Are you struggling to get noticed online? Check out these little tricks that can make a big difference to your marketing

Create Punchy, Innovative Content That Surprises

Many companies put their professional hat on and churn out lengthy white papers they hope will garner attention. Rarely, however, is that an approach that works in reality. Most audiences already have all the informational resources they need. You could wind up wasting a lot of time putting together something comprehensive that people don’t want.

What’s the solution here?

The answer is to make your content innovative, punchy, and surprising. Most audiences don’t realize it, but the thing that they really want is novelty. They want to experience the feeling of the unexpected. It’s that immediate sense of gratification when they try something new or hear something funny, which is the kicker. 

TikTok is an excellent platform for doing this. Just do something fun that appeals to your customer persona and wait for them to come flocking. Providing information is great, but being entertaining is even better. 

Make Your PPC Ads Bigger

PPC ads are something of a godsend for small businesses. Without them, you’d be completely stuck. Organic SEO takes time. They are an easy way to get people flocking to your site without putting in months of work building links, creating content, and optimizing. 

A lot of companies, though, don’t understand how to do them right. They believe that once they create the ad copy, their job is done. Sorry – but it’s not. 

The fix, though, is super simple: Google callout extensions

Even if you haven’t heard of these, you’ve almost certainly seen them when browsing the internet. They’re essentially additional details you tack onto the bottom of your PPC ads that provide more information to prospective customers. And they make a big difference. 

Experts think they’re super effective for two reasons: 

  • They provide additional information, making your company seem more legitimate and professional
  • They make ads physically larger, enhancing visibility

Try adding them and see whether you get more traffic. Almost certainly, you will. 

Make Links With People Who Can Get The Word Out

New websites get buried in the mountain of content on Google, and there’s not much you can do about it. Fresh businesses have to bite the bullet and just work their way up the ranking like everyone else. It takes time. 

Making links with people you know to get the word out, though, is something that you can do right now to boost your appeal online. The more people you rope into helping you, the better. 

If you have a great product, this shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. There’s bound to be an influencer out there somewhere willing to give you a platform. Think carefully about how your product might help their audience and then sell it as hard as possible. 

Team Up With Another Company

Similarly, you can try teaming up with another brand and offering a co-product with them. Often companies will allow you to tack your brand onto theirs, immediately increasing recognition. 

Create Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are very different from regular PPC. Here, you’re not looking to sell immediately. Instead, you’re trying to create more brand impressions, introducing people to what you do. 

People use Facebook for different reasons than search. They’re on there to talk to friends and generally chill out. Rarely are they on the hunt for products. Businesses, therefore, need to adopt a slightly different strategy with their advertising methods. 

You can think of Facebook as the first stage in the sales funnel. It’s the tool you use to make it, so people know what you do. Once you’ve built the groundwork, you have a better chance of thinking about you when they want what you have to offer. 

Getting noticed online can be a significant challenge for new businesses. But with the right approach, you can boost who sees you, increasing your revenue immediately. 

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