25 Questions you need to ask a potential VA first!

25 Questions you need to ask a potential VA first!

In my previous blog post, I mentioned making a list of potential VAs that you’d like to interview.

Now you’re going to put that list into effect and start using it to make your notes when you start interviewing your potential VA. Now this is very crucial that you do this and speak to each and every one of the VAs you wish to interview to see what kind of connection you have together. It could be great right off the bat! – OR – it could be ‘This person is definitely not for me!

Here is a list of questions that will help you to make an informed decision on whether they will be good for you and your business. Ask their opinions on certain subjects so you can see what direction they are going in. You may decide that their way of thinking is not for you and go your separate ways.

  1. Have you been doing this for very long?
  2. Do you have a specialty market that you service?
  3. Where is your home base? (time zones are important to know)
  4. Do you have a certain set of hours that you work? Or are you flexible?
  5. Do you work evenings and/or on the weekends?
  6. Do you have a set premium for rush projects?
  7. What do you consider a rush job?
  8. What is your normal completion time on projects I will send you?
  9. Are you a one-person company? Do you have an assistant or a safety net in case you are ill or your computer is down? Can I still be comfortable knowing that my work will still get done and without delays?
  10. Do you have references from your clientele and is it ok to contact them?
  11. As for contact, how quickly do you reply to emails or voicemails?
  12. How often do you invoice your clients? (once per month and is it beginning – middle – or end of month?)
  13. How would you expect to receive payment?
  14. Do we need to sign an agreement? If yes, what kind of conditions do you have? Is there a specific time-frame that requires us to work together? I.e. a minimum of 1 or 3 months before we can end our association together?)
  15. Do you have a preference as to how we will communicate? Whether by phone or by email etc.
  16. What type of work that you do for your clientele gives you the most satisfaction and pleasure?
  17. Would you charge me for time spent on emails or telephone calls?
  18. When would you be available and what hours would you be able to work for me?
  19. Do you invoice immediately or do you wait until the project is finished?
  20. What software/computer programs do you use? Are you familiar with AWeber and other Autoresponders
  21. Do you work with a confidentiality agreement?
  22. Will you be sub-contracting my work to another third party?
  23. Can you show me one of your contracts that are not completed yet (just to get an idea of how you work?)
  24. What type of   precautionary measures do you have in place should you require to contract my work out?
  25. How do you charge? Do you sell time blocks? Or is time billed in 15 minute increments per assignment etc.)

You might be thinking that it’s a lot of questions – but just remember, it’s your right to ask all of these questions and then some! Besides being beneficial for yourself, it’s also good for the potential VA as well.

Remember, it’s a 2 way street, just as much as you are interviewing the VA and deciding to see if you can work amicably together, they also get to see where you are coming from and what you expect from them so they can make an informed decision as well whether or not to work for you. It’s not absolutely necessary to ask each and every question listed here. After a few questions, you may already start to get a feel if they are a fit or not. It’s up to you to ask as many or as few questions as you think you need to, in order to get a good idea of who they are and how they conduct business.

In addition, you are not forced to make a decision immediately on the spot once you have had your free consultation with the potential VA. Just inform them that you will let them know within 24 hours – or whatever is a good time-frame for you to interview all the potential Virtual Assistants.

Naturally, if you’re talking to someone with whom you have a good rapport with and you like their personality and whose qualifications are just what you need, then go ahead and hire them! Just don’t feel that you have to choose somebody immediately, this is your business after all.


Robyn here! I’ve had a passion for technology for as long as I can remember. I bring a variety of skills and experience to any business, which have been gained with over 25 years of experience as an administrative and IT professional. Learn more…
How to tell that you need to hire a Virtual Assistant

How to tell that you need to hire a Virtual Assistant

You’ll never find 2 businesses that are the same, nor will you find 2 people that are exactly the same for that matter either – So who’s to say ‘When ‘X’ happens, you should hire a Virtual Assistant’?  You’ll have some people say you should hire a VA right away, regardless of whether you’re just starting your own business or not.  And then you have the other side of the coin, where people will say you’re better off to wait until you’ve established yourself and made some money.  In the end, it’s really all about what you think, your own individual preference.  Eventually, you will come to realize by some little signs here and there, that, yes, it’s time I get some outside help.

  • You need to send out your Invoices – Although it’s very commendable to give your clients the absolute best possible service you can, sometimes you end up doing so at the expense of your business.  You can’t run a business without receiving an income, and you can’t receive an income without sending out your invoices/statements etc.  But you don’t really have the time! No worries!  A VA will take care of all your accounting needs so that you can best use your time working with and building your clientele.
  • You’re drowning in emails – You find that your emails are increasing and you’re having to spend way too much time on reading and responding to all of the emails – You want to be able to reply yourself to all of them to give it a ‘personal’ touch, but it’s just taking too much time!
  • Hire a Virtual Assistant to reply to your emails or have them put an FAQ section on your site to save you some time. It’s taking you forever to finally be able to do one task – whether it’s setting up an opt-in page, list, follow-up autoresponders, etc. – You thought you could do this in no time, but it’s just taking so long. After a few hours, you become frustrated and realize that you didn’t get anything accomplished at all.

Want to see how you can tell if you should learn the tasks you need to know for your business – OR – if you should hire a VA?

Will I have to do this particular task very often? If yes, then it is worth it to learn to do the task yourself.  If not, then it is better to outsource it.

Do you want to know how to do the task because you love your work and you can afford the time to do it? If yes, then absolutely learn it. If not, then outsource it.

  • You’re finding all these little mistakes you’re making, such as spelling typos, grammatical errors, which, ok, we have all made mistakes once in a while and it’s understandable to have a mistake or two when sending out to your mailing list for example. But you’re making these mistakes more and more often, and forgetting to include an attachment or a link.  Now you know it’s time to get a VA working for you and let them do all the administrative duties for you.
  • Now you’re happy that your business is growing, BUT the very thing that you intended to enjoy when owning your own business (enjoying time with family and friends) is not happening! In fact, you are having the opposite affect!  You have no social life.  You are missing time with your family and friends.  After a while, it seems you wake up, go to your desk, work all day, eat a meal here and there, go back to work, then go to bed.  Time to hire A VA!

Although there are a lot of other telltale signs that tell you that you need to outsource and get yourself a VA, the above are the most common reasons.  If you were lucky enough not to encounter any of these problems, then you should definitely do yourself a favour and prevent any future negative occurrences and consider hiring a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT to save you time and frustration.  Let us help you to succeed!!


Robyn here! I’ve had a passion for technology for as long as I can remember. I bring a variety of skills and experience to any business, which have been gained with over 25 years of experience as an administrative and IT professional. Learn more…