Unveiling Kartra’s Newest Features

Unveiling Kartra’s Newest Features

Ever since 2018, Kartra has remained a cornerstone in my digital toolkit. I have used a lot of different tools over the years for different clients and projects, but Kartra has always stood out. Furthermore, not only have I been a loyal user, but I’ve also proudly taken on the role of an affiliate for them. And the journey does not end there. In fact, I am now a certified business and technical expert partner with Kartra! So, when I received an invitation to a recent Kartra affiliate webinar, I jumped at the chance. And what did I learn? Kartra has released a number of new and impressive updates. As a result, I am excited to dive into these and share my findings with you.

Campaign Marketplace
Kartra’s newly revamped Campaign Marketplace is everything you’ve wanted and more. Imagine the ease of tagging your listings with specific keywords and having the ability to quickly find a campaign you need. It’s a game-changer, especially for creators.

Team Collaboration Tools
Kartra has taken team collaboration to the next level. If you are working with a team, the new collaboration features will be your best friends. See who is online, track tasks, and have a digital room where every team move is visible.

Analytics – Real-time Funnel Tracking
This one’s a treat for those of us who love diving into the numbers. Kartra’s new real-time funnel tracking means you can monitor customer actions and flow as it happens. Perfect for those moments when you want to make on-the-fly tweaks to boost conversions.

The Handy Recycle Bin
We’ve all been there—accidentally deleted something and wished for an undo button. Enter Kartra’s Recycle Bin. Retrieve any deleted item in a click, saving you from any unforeseen digital disasters.

Campaign Instructions
Setting up campaigns just became a lot more straightforward. With in-depth step-by-step guidance now a part of Kartra’s offering, it’s perfect for anyone looking for a smooth setup experience.

Dark Mode
For the night owls or those of us who just prefer a darker screen aesthetic, Dark Mode is here. Work late into the night or simply switch to a dimmer, more eye-friendly mode.

Special Offer for My Readers
If you’re considering giving Kartra a try, I have a little extra treat for you. When signing up using my affiliate link, you’ll get a 30-day trial and be sure to enter the coupon code: PROSAVE40 and you’ll get a 40% discount. This will give you an exclusive discount to kickstart your Kartra journey.

Remember, it’s not just about getting a great tool, but also about maximizing the value you get from it. Happy exploring!