How to Find Reliable IT Technicians You Can Trust

How to Find Reliable IT Technicians You Can Trust

IT Technicians are crucial for any business. Ensuring that your computer equipment is up and running 24/7, fixing any issues that occur and maximizing efficiency within your workforce, it’s essential that you find reliable and trustworthy staff. You don’t want to lose money because your equipment isn’t working. So cut any issues in the bud by investing in an IT technician/s for your business. 

But how do you find reputable IT technicians in your area? To help you through this process, here are the four key methods that you can try:

Word of Mouth 
Know of other companies within your industry that have a credible IT technician? If they are outsourced and not hired as full-time staff, you could get in contact with them and see if they would have the capacity to work for your business too. 

Through this method, you’ll also get an idea of their performance – comparing and contrasting their services along with others that you have found during the research process. 

As it’s such an important role to play within your business, these customer testimonials can prove to be an invaluable resource that helps with your final decision.

Recruitment Websites
Whether you’re looking for a temporary or full-time IT technician, you can find them through recruitment websites. By advertising the position, you can list the responsibilities, skills and experience that they must have for the role. 

Once the applications start to come in, you can then take a look at the various CV’s – paying attention to how closely they align with what you require.

Through Social Media
Nowadays, a lot of people within the service industry post about their business on social media platforms. So it’s always a good idea to check the various platforms whilst on the hunt for an IT technician. Many companies also post job adverts on them - in order to appeal to a wider breadth of employees. 

However, with this method, it’s important that they have experience and have customer testimonials showcasing their skills. Without doing this, you might hire an IT technician with little knowledge or experience in the field – costing your business far more in the long run. 

Just as vital as keeping your business safe online, you also want an employee that will be there to help when you need it and that you can contact any time of the day.

On a Local Marketplace Platform
Similarly, when outsourcing for IT technicians, it’s worth looking at marketplace platforms. A website for businesses, they will list various IT and computer technicians in your local area. Snapshots of what they can offer you, you’ll be able to filter the results based on your bespoke budget.

Final Thoughts
So, there you go! Those are the key four techniques that you could use to find reliable IT technicians that you can trust for your business. Of course, the method that you use is completely up to you and what hiring practices you use. 

Whether you opt for a local marketplace platform or hiring through word-of-mouth, you’re bound to find a credible IT technician that will help with the growth and success of your business.

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Why Knowing When to Outsource Is Essential for Your Success as a Digital Entrepreneur

Why Knowing When to Outsource Is Essential for Your Success as a Digital Entrepreneur

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The digital age has brought with it an unprecedented number of ways to make it as an entrepreneur, not to mention a virtually limitless number of fields that an entrepreneurially minded person can choose to specialise in.

Of course, the other side of that coin is that the digital age has also brought with it a large number of ways to make unfortunate business mistakes and hamper your professional progress via your own inability to effectively handle and adapt to the nuances of your field.

While some of these issue and stumbling blocks are, indeed, rooted in the internet and digital technologies themselves, a good number of others are simply the result of timeless mishaps that have dogged entrepreneurs and small business owners for just about as long as people have been working and earning money.

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One of the classic blunders that afflict many entrepreneurs — digital and otherwise — is an inability to outsource, or the overwhelming desire to micro-manage every aspect of the business to the point where any other team or staff members are essentially left unable to do their job.

As it so happens, learning to outsource effectively might be even more essential for digital entrepreneurs as for others. So, if you notice a tendency in yourself to try and “do it all yourself” to the detriment of your business, consider hiring a company like Scarlett Group to take care of IT and other branches of your business, so that you can focus on your core competencies.

Here are some reasons why knowing when to outsource is essential for your success as a digital entrepreneur.

The business world is more complex today than ever before

One undeniable feature of the hyper-connected digital world which we all currently inhabit, is that things are simply more complicated than they’ve ever been before, across a wide variety of measures.

Whereas it was once the case that virtually every job was constrained by certain practicalities, borders, and technologies, virtually everything is up in the air now in this age of never-ending innovation, lightning-fast global communication, and the endless flow of information that characterises 21st Century living.

If you don’t police your productivity and your attention ruthlessly, you could spend all day, every day, fruitlessly trying to identify and apply different business strategies, new technologies, and so on.

Likewise, if you run a moderately successful business of almost any type, you could easily spread yourself far too thin by going above and beyond the call of duty in order to act as a fully-fledged team, all by yourself, while seeking to perform all the increasingly nuanced and specialised roles of a full team, all with the time and likely energy levels of any other normal person.

To put it simply, the digital age has made the business world more complex than ever before. It’s absolutely essential for any entrepreneur who wants to be successful, to know how best to spend their time in any given moment, while also having a good understanding of where their time is only wasted.

Outsourcing can be the key to ensuring that you don’t get swamped trying to do an endless number of jobs that you’re not specialised for.

You only have as much time in the day as anyone else

Tied in to the point above, is the clear and evident fact that you simply don’t have an endless amount of time. In fact, it’s one of those weird and wonderful facts of life that every single person who lives today, and who has ever lived, and who ever will live — the most ludicrously productive, and the laziest and most prone to procrastination alike — all have the exact same number of hours, minutes, and seconds in a day.

It may seem bizarre at first glance to think that you have just as much of this vital resource as someone like Richard Branson or Warren Buffet, but there’s something empowering in this fundamental understanding, too.

That is, it’s empowering if you understand the fundamental lesson of this. Which is that you need to treat your time as the most valuable and essential resource you could ever possess, and then you’ll be able to appropriately handle it, by doing the most essential thing you can with each moment you have available.

This is pretty much the same as saying that you really need to learn to outsource and defer tasks to others as and when it’s appropriate and expedient to do so.

If you waste this vital resource on tasks that are not very important, or that you’re not very good at, while neglecting those tasks that really need your attention, you’re setting yourself up for a disastrous failure down the line.

Other people can do things that you can’t

This point should be self-evident, but a large part of the reason why many entrepreneurs try to do it all themselves, is often that they’ve convinced themselves that no one else can do anything for their business quite as well, and with quite as much attention to detail, as they can.

While it’s certainly likely to be the case that no one will be as invested in your business as you are, it’s a complete fallacy to think that no one could do a better job in handling a particular aspect of your job than you can.

It’s highly unlikely that you will be a brilliant administrator, an excellent marketer, a superb IT specialist, a product development pro, a logistics maestro, and be otherwise proficient to a high degree in everything that goes into running a successful business.

If you put your ego and paranoia aside and are willing to explore outsourcing as a feasible option for various “departments” of your business, you can benefit greatly from the expertise of people who have developed their careers around becoming proficient in one or two specific areas, which in all likelihood are going to be different from the areas in which you’re proficient — no matter how much of a renaissance man, or woman, you might be.