Want To Be The Next Steve Jobs? Here Are The Top Seven Degrees You Should Take

There are many different routes into a successful career as an entrepreneur. Many of the worlds most famous entrepreneurial spirits, like Richard Branson never even went on to higher education or college. They just had that million-dollar idea and turned it into a successful endeavour.

However, that being said, no matter how sure you are that you’re about to become the next Steve Jobs or the like, it is always a good idea to have a solid educational background to fall back on in case everything doesn’t go to plan. Here we’ve outlined a few degrees that could help you to become a successful entrepreneur


Business Degree

Of course one of the most obvious choices for a budding self-starter is a business degree. Learning about business can equip you with many of the different skills that an entrepreneur would need. Along with teaching you how to negotiate and communicate effectively, it can also teach you how to excel at presenting as well as planning and being assertive. Business degree programs also ask their students to learn about different relevant fields such as psychology, finance and economics. Having a thorough knowledge of these subjects are a great way to develop a well-rounded skill set, which will only make you a strong contender for success when it comes to owning your own business. Have a look at the University of Alabama Birmingham and see if they have a business course to suit your needs.


Knowing how to sell and promote your business can only stand you in good stead of becoming an entrepreneur. Being able to think creatively and package relevant sales information to audiences in a palatable way, is important when you want to make sure that your customer has a great affinity and sentiment for your product.  You’ll also be able to promote your products and services more effectively because you’ll know exactly what works. You’ll also have a good handle on the social media and public relations efforts that are needed when working for yourself.


A huge part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is understanding people and how that relates to your business. For this reason, taking a degree in psychology could be hugely helpful to a hopeful entrepreneur. In the fledgeling days of your business, you will more than likely be encountering lots of people every day, including potential clients, suppliers and employees. Because of this, you will need to be persuasive, confident and astute, all of which can be learnt by taking a degree in Psychology. You’ll also learn critical skills in decision making, personality traits, and psychology when it comes to business which may be particularly helpful.


Knowing how to deal with and manage money is an imperative skill in every entrepreneur’s life. Being self-employed means that you have sole responsibility for how much you make and how your money is spent. By learning to be savvy about managing your finances, how to budget within a business setting and how to effectively manage expansion, can help your business go much further, much more rapidly. For this reason, those who are great at analyzing data,  numbers and numerical patterns can make incredibly successful entrepreneurs.


A degree in communications is an excellent choice for an entrepreneur. The nature of this work demands that you communicate effectively and efficiently with people from every aspect of life. You’ll want to be able to express your ideas for your business effectively and be able to convey important matters with ease. So an aptitude for communication is a must. When studying a communication degree you learn specific skills in public speaking, project management and teamwork all which can prove very useful when you’re a budding entrepreneur.

IT Degrees

In today’s climate, almost everything is done digitally. From registering your business name to processing payments from customers, we have an ever-increasing need for technology and computers. With a degree in IT, you can find yourself ahead of the game. The tech industry is huge right now and there and hundreds if not thousands of profitable and well knows tech startups that have emerged in the last few years so a strong background in computing and IT will gove you a massive advantage. Also knowing how to utilise the many programs and software applications that come with working for yourself would be a definite plus. Another great thing about pursuing an IT degree is that it is also a very undersubscribed profession, meaning that if you do decide to fall back on your chosen degree, you’ll be able to find a lucrative role quite easily.

We hope this has helped you decide on the right degree for you.

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