Making The Most Of Your Physical Or Digital Product

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 As a business, you will have a tendency to focus on the product you are selling as a of priority. However, at times it can be hard to see the woods for the trees and you need to take a step back from the task at hand. With that in mind, we are going to take a look at two types of product that you might offer and how to get the most out of them.  

Physical Product  

If your business produces a physical product there are a few things that you should ensure that you are doing to get the most out of it. The first is to be confident that the packaging is not only noticeable but also right for the product. For example, if you are selling a drink then you will need to ensure that you are meeting the grades required by law for your drink pouches while still maintaining a product that is eye-catching for the consumer.  

In addition to ensuring your product meets the above requirements, you are going to need to identify where it is best to sell it. It is an art to balance the issue of making sure your product is placed in the best shop while avoiding being another version of your item in an oversaturated market. To get your product into the store you are aiming for, you should pitch in person and negotiate your terms so that you can be confident in how your product will be featured. 

 Digital Product  

If you’re looking to sell a digital product rather than a physical one, then your business should focus on digital exposure. One way to do this is by developing a thorough digital marketing plan that incorporates social media and preparing your website for search engine optimisation (SEO).  

SEO is the practice of making your website visible on the internet, in particular, to feature high in the organic search engine results. To do this, you should at least follow some of the basics for SEO such as keywords, high-quality content and loading times. The latter of these is important because a slow website is less likely to garner a positive reaction from a search engine’s crawlers. Keywords are the most important to get right out of those three because these are the words and phrases that are recognised in connection with searches for your product. Use a free keyword planner tool to assist you in getting this right.  

Social media is pretty self-explanatory, though it has taken a lot of companies a long time to catch on to how valuable it is to them. Over a billion people use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so you should find a way to engage with the audience within that figure that you have identified as your target market. Make sure you use social media networks that are applicable to you, for example, a photogenic product should be regularly featured on your Instagram page to entice potential customers.


3 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Marketing Strategy Right Now

3 Surefire Ways To Improve Your Marketing Strategy Right Now

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Improving your marketing strategy is far easier than you may expect. Mostly, it’s all about considering which aspects of marketing are the most worthwhile for your business. So, this short guide will walk you through some of the key things we believe you should focus on, while also touching on some areas that maybe aren’t worth your time or attention.

Create A Strong Digital Strategy

Arguably the most important thing to do is to create and build a strong digital marketing presence. The world has pretty much gone full digital, which means the majority of your customers are online in some capacity. To reach them, you must think about things like search engine marketing, SEO, social media, web design, and so on. If you click here, you can learn a lot more about all these digital methods and how they can be applied to help your strategy and create more leads for your business. If you think your business isn’t a digital business, then you’re probably wrong. Even small local companies benefit from digital marketing in the form of local SEO.

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Use Inbound Marketing

Inbound and outbound marketing are like two brothers that strongly dislike one another. This is because one is nice and perfect, while the other doesn’t really get along with anyone. Inbound is the perfect brother as it represents a strand of marketing focused on grabbing people’s attention and getting them to notice you. This is in stark contrast to outbound marketing which is pretty much a case of just forcing your business in peoples faces, usually by a bombardment of ads, cold calls, or spam emails. If you want to improve your marketing strategy, then you need to use inbound marketing techniques, with a firm focus on content marketing. Let your content do all the talking as it sparks people’s interest in your business, and they stumble upon you without having anything forced down their throat. This tends to lead to a much better conversion rate.

Build Specific Campaigns

The last piece of advice is to ensure you build specific marketing campaigns as part of your overall strategy. What we mean is that you should have a marketing campaign to promote a new product, and then one to promote certain offers, and so on. Each one should be built around certain themes and ideas that help grab the attention of your target market. You can also create your campaigns around specific events as well. One very easy example is season-themed marketing campaigns. Companies will alter the way they advertise and promote themselves at different times of the year – summer marketing is vastly different in its town to winter marketing. So, create your specific campaigns to help generate interest when the time is right.

It’s not rocket science, and keep in mind there are many marketers out there right now who can help you! All it comes down to are three simple rules; go digital, focus on inbound marketing, and build campaigns for specific product launches, services, or events. Do all of this, and your marketing strategy will be improved.