4 Ways to Organically Build Your Email List

We’ve all heard about how important our email list is. It’s a collection of personal emails representing people already showing interest in your products or services. Therefore, your email list is a way to make direct contact with prospect customers, giving you, the business owner, a unique ability to communicate clearly and effectively without social media algorithms or google analytics getting in your way.

But what happens if your email list is too small to be effective? 

How do you grow your email list without expending a lot of extra money, time, or effort?

Is there a way to grow your email list for Fr*ee

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here Are 4 Ways to Organically Build Your Email List

1. Create killer content

This one goes without saying, but it might need some explanation still. In order to keep people’s attention and prompt them to purchase from you, your content has to be great. It needs to provide value, be relevant to your audience’s needs, and prove that you’re an expert in your field capable of solving the problem that got your audience’s attention in the first place. It needs to be visually impressive and verbally captivating. If it fails to do these things, then your audience will lost interest, stop opening your emails, and even unsubscribe from your list altogether. So focus on quality over quantity and really commit to providing your current audience valuable, helpful, problem-solving content.

2. Ask for subscribers and shares, have plenty of places for people to opt in, and make it worth their while to support you

You might be surprised at what kind of difference it makes when you ask for what you want. While people know they are capable of following you on social media, reading your blogs, or signing up for your newsletter, they might not feel at all pressed to do so without a reminder. It’s your job to remind them! If you really believe in yourself, your business, and your content, then let people know about it. Ask for shares and subscribers, offer plenty of places on your website for people to opt into your list, and then don’t let people down! Offer them quality content, tips and tricks, coupons or discounts, and anything else that will keep them a happy subscriber.

3. Settle the fact that not everyone wants to be on your list

Not everyone is going to be interested in the content you have to offer, no matter how flawlessly you present it. If you fully understand that your product or service isn’t for everyone, then you free yourself to work with the targeted audience you have. Focus your time and energy speaking to the people who do want to hear from you and are already interested in the content you have to offer. Cater to their specific needs and interest, build relationships and trust, and don’t worry about the people who aren’t interested.

4. Keep learning!

There are a lot of strategies out there for building email lists, and while a lot of these are dependent on your ability to provide quality content, there are some other techniques you can easily learn to skyrocket your email list size. Click here to sign up for my webinar, How to Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers on Wednesday June 5, at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern and I’ll teach you more ways you can build your email list!

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