5 Tips To Launch A New Project Successfully

5 Tips To Launch A New Project Successfully

As a small business owner, you are likely your own project manager! Especially in the beginning, many entrepreneurs start out as a one-man show.

Launching a new project can be daunting and is often the hardest part. Depending on the scope of your idea, it can seem complicated, overwhelming or intimidating.

A few simple outlined steps can really clarify your vision and make the task seem less scary. Here is the 5-step process I recommend when preparing to launch a new project:

  1. Do your homework. Have you ever tried to build IKEA furniture without reading the instructions? It usually ends badly! Take the time to do your research so you can launch your project successfully the first time. Do digging on numbers, projections, other companies who have done similar projects, read articles, etc. Don’t spend forever on this step, but budget an hour or two each day leading up to launch.
  • Set up a clear and focused plan. Write down WHY you are doing this project and WHERE it will take your company. Make sure the destination/outcome is worth all the energy you and your team put into it. Keep the plan simple and focused, with a solid roadmap of how you will get from start to finish. Include DATES of when things will happen.
  • Build the project team or acquire training. Choose exactly who you want to be working on this project with you. This may look like picking people from your team with the most experience or talent relating to the project or bringing on a contractor. Utilizing people with expertise in project launching can make or break your bottom line! If you choose to go at it alone, get the necessary training so that you feel confident about what you’re doing.

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  • Communicate expectations clearly and effectively. A great team can only do their job well if they know exactly what it is! Make sure to be clear and effective when communicating what you want. Be present and available for questions and suggestions. Your goals for the project should be crystal clear and the expectations you have for each member laid out in a way that is easy to understand. Also, make sure everyone knows how and where to communicate about details of the project. This could be through email, a project platform, a work-based chat group, etc.
  • Trust the process. If you’ve done your best to research, set up a plan, build a team and create solid expectations, the next step is GO! You may not have all the answers and it may be frightening, but in order to push forward you’ve got to set sail. You can tweak and adjust as needed throughout the project journey.

I hope this helps you feel more confident about launching new projects in your business! If you want more information or need help with the technical aspects of your project, I have some openings on my calendar this week for consultations. Let’s see how we can get your project running the most effectively so you can gain maximum profit!

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