7 simple ways you can boost your visibility online

7 simple ways you can boost your visibility online

For small business owners who are struggling to gain clients/customers, a common problem I see is…well…that I can’t see them!!

Despite their fantastic business ideas and useful services/products, no one is noticing them because they are ‘invisible’ online.

Do you feel like your business is invisible? Or that no one is noticing you?

Unfortunately, the online world is not a game of Hide & Seek! Instead of waiting for people to find you, you’ve got to get yourself put right in front of them. The internet has enabled us to advertise our businesses literally INSIDE someone’s home on their computer screen!

It’s time to take full advantage of this. 🙂

Today I’ve got a few tips to help you put yourself out there and get noticed by your dream clients:

#1 WHERE Are Your Dream Clients?

First, you’ve got to focus on your ideal or ‘dream’ clients. Who are they? WHERE are they hanging out (which social media platforms, websites, etc.)? What are their pain points? What problems do they have that you can solve? Figure out the answers to these questions so that you can be more effective in your marketing! Most platforms now allow you to select specific demographics and types of people to show your advertising campaigns.

#2 Write Consistent, High-Quality Content

Thought blogging was dead? Think again! A great way to become a respected leader in your industry is by providing accurate, high-quality content regularly. This also helps you to appear on search engines when people are looking for services like yours. Filling your website with useful content will attract new clients and also opportunities such as telesummits, speaking gigs, guest author requests and more.

#3 Connect with Influencers

An influencer is anyone with a large, engaged social media following. Try to find influencers that are in your niche or who publicly support the type of products/services you offer. Take any opportunity to connect with them and build a positive image for your business. A strong network of influencers can help to promote your work and get you in front of a wider audience. They also build your reputation and credibility by showing their followers that they trust you as a reputable brand.

#4 Leverage Co-Marketing Opportunities

Unless you have deep pockets, one of the most effective ways to promote your business and brand is through co-marketing. What is co-marketing? It is connecting with other business owners in your industry and working together to host a webinar, telesummit, social media campaign, retreat, giveaway, etc. You can also create share deals on your social media platforms (You share each other’s content on your social media pages, give each other shout outs, do guest emails to their list, etc.).

#5 Be Yourself

Some coaches out there will tell you to do things you really don’t like to do. Granted, sometimes you DO need to step out of your comfort zone to learn and grow, but there is also something to be said about just BEING YOURSELF. Find what type of marketing resonates with you most. Are you a great writer? Focus more energy on your blog and/or Instagram posts! Do you prefer speaking on camera? Create videos or do Facebook Lives and Instagram Stories. Are you a graphic designer? Create beautiful infographics, quote pictures, diagrams, etc. There are so many options, find what works for you! You can use the online video maker Lumen5

#6 Focus on Standing Out

As you know, your potential clients are being bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of advertisements every single day. In order to get noticed, you have to stand out. There are a lot of ways to do this. Think about how you can be slightly better than what’s already out there. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel- just take the wheel and make it bigger, better, flashier, more unique, more affordable, more customized etc. than the other wheels on the market.

#7 Answer the Questions Your Dream Clients Are Asking

Get into Facebook groups or other online groups where your target market is hanging out. Examine what questions they are asking the most. Figure out what their biggest pain points are. Take their questions and frustrations and build your brand around their needs. Can’t find the perfect group? I’ve seen many entrepreneurs create social media groups just for their target market! They create a safe, no-pressure community where their tribe can connect, support each other, ask hard questions, celebrate together and be exposed to the admin’s brand.

Are you ready to get visible online?

Have a great week!

Robyn Bennett

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